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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Janeway Scenes I'd Like To See
Mike D -- 22 Apr 1997, 15:42 GMT

10.Wearing a revealing swimsuit at the holo resort (it's my list remember, if you don't like it tough! <g>).
9.She should personally kick the next obnoxious alien that comes along right in the ba*ls, where ever they may be located.(note for late comers: this is a reference to Marie's shocking earlier thread <g>).
8.Change from sipping coffee to sipping very dry martinis. (off duty only of course).
7.Wear her hair down more often, it really makes her *irresistible*, I'm sure the next enemy male alien would simply surrender once he saw her like that (sigh). (again it's *my* list so back off <g>)
6.On a more serious note: Land Voyager again on the next appropriate planet. I'd love to see more scenes of the ship landed and the crew walking around beneath it. Maybe they could make some realistic repairs to the hull or something.
5.Go out on a date with Chakotay or *anyone else* for that matter. For @$*& sakes this woman isn't human. (Sorry, I lost it there for a second....I'm OK for now)
4.#4 was censured (for mature audiences only, so of course none of us are qualified to read it).
3.Pull a good practical joke on Chakotay (something like the classic old black shoe polish on the binoculars trick).
2.Pull an even better practical joke on Neelix (like promoting him to Ensign and sending him out on the next dangerous away mission).
1.(a drum roll please for #1) Tearfully complain to Tom that on Mothers Day their little lizards never even took the time out to send a nice card or even just call her!