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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Fourth Season Revelations About Voyager
G'Inny -- 22 Apr 1997, 14:32 GMT

10.The gel packs don't actually do anything. They're just jello-filled baggies placed in the bulkheads by Starfleet engineers as a joke.
9.Neelix replaced Janeway's coffee with Folger's Crystals back in the second season.
8.Kes quietly changes her name to Tinkerbell and spends the rest of the season sprinkling fairy dust (see item #3 in the list above) on her fellow crew members.
7.Leola root stew is an aphrodisiac.
6.After learning that his future wife, Linnes, will never be born, Harry proposes to the Wildman toddler.
5.Everytime the beach resort program is activated, Voyager undergoes a ship-wide drop in water pressure.
4.The nacelles aren't supposed to flip up like that.
3.After Tuvok discovers a connection between being an ensign and certain death, Janeway promotes everyone.
2.The amphibian babies come looking for Mommy and Daddy.
1.The Delaney Sisters are actually a sister and a very androgynous brother.