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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs That Tuvok Is Going Through Pon Farr

10.He invites Neelix to join him in a Klingon Calisthetics exercise on the Holodeck.
9.Tells Kes that she is to be confined in secured quarters until she is over her phase of wanting complication in her life.
8.Tells Neelix that he has always admired the emotional response he gives in every circumstance, appropiate and innappropite.
7.Enters a contest with Paris to see who can have the most dates in month.
6.Installs surveilance in all the female officers quarters.
5.Joins with Neelix to form a Reggae Band.
4.Runs a computer program in which he tells Voric that B'Ellanna is "MY mate, not his"
3.Declares Kuan Afflitee (the ritual challenge) to Chakotay for Janeway.
2.Serenades Janeway about attaining enlightment.
1.Gets drunk at Sandrines and and dances on a table with a lampshade on his head.