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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Differences On Voyager If The Trees Ruled The Delta Quadrant

10.Neelix joins Voyager crew accompanied by a young sapling covered in a clinging vine.
9.On Away Team mission, Harry is almost killed by sap suffocation.
8.Doc spends most of his time removing splinters from the crew.
7.Chakotay's "ah-coo-chee-moya" routine replaced by Druidic rituals.
6.Pitched battle ensues after Tom returns from planet visit with some souvenir pine cones. Crisis averted when the conifer offspring are safely returned.
5.Photon torpedoes replaced by chain saws.
4.During the long passage through the deciduous sector, Neelix comes up with 101 Ways to Cook With Maple Syrup.
3.Species 8472 is defeated by a clever combination of Borg nanoprobe technology and dutch elm disease.
2.7 of 9 reports a serious problem in the Astrometrics lab -- it is no longer possible to see the forest for the trees.
And the #1 way VOYAGER would be different if the Trees ruled the Delta Quadrant:
1.Space measured in rings, not parsecs.