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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Traumatic Things That Will Happen To Harry Kim
Leonie -- 22 Apr 1997, 12:32 GMT

10.He and Neelix will fall for the same woman.
9.He and Tom will fall for the same woman.
8.He will have a crush on a female officer who is shyer than he is and will have to pursue her.
7.Maryanna becomes a sentient computer program as a side effect from the uplink in "Alter Ego" and still perfers Tuvok to him.
6.He will end up in a physical relationship with Torres.
5.He will be asleep during the next crisis and will remain that way until it is resolved without him.
4.The ship will be caught in a time paradox and he will remain in the same point in the space time continum in the Delta quadrant as before.
3.He will get home in one piece without being cloned (again).
2.Voyager will encounter a spatial anomily and he will be able to explain it.
The most traumatic thing that will happen to Harry Kim is ........
1.He will safely pilot a shuttle craft without it being blown up.