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Top Ten Ways To Have More Gratuitous Scenes Of Men In Their Underwear On Enterprise
Ruth -- 6 Oct 2001, 18:14 GMT

In honor of Ginny's birthday:

The Top Ten Ways to Have More Gratuitous Scenes of Men in Their Underwear on ENTERPRISE

10.A nervous Hoshi mistranslates an alien's aggressive command to "Sit down now and drink our native swill!" as "Strip down now or I think you we'll kill!"
9.The ensign in charge of the ship's laundry accidentally adds Altarian marsupial droppings instead of fabric softener to the rinse cycle - with calamitous results.
8.In these pre-Prime Directive days, Archer and his crew dive headlong into the middle of the centuries old "boxers v. briefs" debate on the planet Hanes, going so far as to provide the combatants with schematics of the new thong technology that has been developed back on Earth.
7.The term "casual Friday" has an entirely different meaning in the 22d century.
6.The crew finds itself in the midst of delicate negotiations with the aliens species "Bvds," known throughout the galaxy for their fear of outer clothing.
5.As part of his ongoing effort to study humans under pressure, Dr. Phlox sets up an experiment to see how long Trip can maintain team cohesion and respect for his command, um, structure, in Engineering while wearing nothing but a cowboy hat, a pair of boots and a belt with a very wide buckle.
Okay, so I know he's not technically wearing underwear in this scenario. If you don't like it, write your own TTL.
4.Three words: Wacky transporter malfunction!
3.Two more words: Strip yahtzee.
2.Trip manages to soup up the engine, and the Enterprise becomes the first ship to go Warp 4.6! It is only *after* all the crew's clothes fall apart that someone thinks to check the uniform labels. Right under "Dry Clean Only" is the warning "Not recommended for use in speeds faster that Warp 4.5."
1.Humans have eliminated war, disease and hunger in just two generations. Can polyester be far behind?