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Enterprise Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Why T'Pol Wears a Catsuit #2
Janeway216 -- 20 Sep 2001, 18:35 GMT

10.It's more efficient.
9.Okay, so maybe Vulcan fashion at the moment is a little . . . clingy.
8.Hey, it was waiting for her in her quarters when she arrived.
7.There was a special deal on leather and spandex clothing when she went to Vul-Mart.
6.She never has to worry about cutting herself -- catsuit will take all the hits.
5.She has a secret desire to play Catwoman.
4.She's a real old-school Tomb Raider/Lara Croft fan -- in particular the London level of TR III.
3.Starfleet uniforms are so gauche.
2.It's not really a catsuit -- it's a highly specialized garment with fiberoptic cables woven in so she can directly link to the computer -- forget that doofy viewer Spock used.
1.She's really a dominatrix. Whip and handcuffs in her quarters.