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Enterprise Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Vulcan Commander Could Have Said To T'Pol In Breaking The Ice...
Deb47 -- 13 Nov 2001, 01:38 GMT

10.I can't BELIEVE your Captain's table manners! He probably eats corn on the cob with his fingers!
9.The Nasal numbing gel you provided wore off 47 minutes ago!
8.You were SUPPOSED to lead them in circles until they got bored and went back home to watch B-5 reruns!
7.I TOLD you I was on the Galaxy zone diet and get all my meals delivered to the ship weekly!
6.If Commander Tucker offers to rub me down with decontamination gel one more time, I will use the tractor beam to tow him through the comet's tail!
5.For THIS I missed the High Command's transmission of the latest episode of WEST WING?
4.And just WHERE was the hot looking linguist with a Vulcan fetish you promised would be here for dinner?
3.You PROMISED pecan pie!
2.Do I look like 'Miss Freaking Lonelyhearts' to you? Stay or go, but MAKE up your mind! Its only logical!
And the NUMBER ONE thing that the Vulcan Commander probably said to T'Pol as he left the dining room...
1."Thankyou for a lovely evening, lets do it again soon... ok ?" ;-)