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Enterprise Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Why T'Pol Wears a Catsuit #1
Terry -- 20 Sep 2001, 01:57 GMT

10.Her male crewmates "accidentally" lost her Vulcan robes.
9.How better to inspire the goal: "To go where no man..."
7."Catsuit? What catsuit? I thought this was a Betazoid wedding."
6.There is no safer container for silicone known to Vulcan science.
5.Archer accidentally discovered the third phaser setting: Stun, Kill, and Shrinkwrap.
4.Her luggage suffered the first transporter accident.
3."Preshrunk clothing is illogical."
2.Her tailor's Universal Translator mistranslated "muu-muu".
1.Vulcan advertisers highly prize the prime youth demographic of 118-125 year-olds.