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Parodies Of Classical Poetry

To Seven
Mrs Mac — 24 Jun 1998

Poe's lost poem number 2

Seven, thy beauty is to me
Like those Nicaean moons of yore,
That gently o'er the airy sea,
The weary, wayworn wanderer Borg
To her own native shore.

In desperate search for decent cookin',
Thy hyacinth hair, thy Borg-like genes,
Thy Naiad airs have beckoned her lookin'
From the glory that was Queens
To the grandeur that was Brooklyn.

LOL! in yon brilliant alcove-niche
How statue-like I see thee stand,
The cream cheese bagel within thy hand!
Ah, lox! From the regions which
Are Long I-Land!
Hath dwelt, and she were I,
She might not sing so wildly well
A mortal melody,
While a bolder note than this might swell
From my Voyager within the sky.

(Based on To Helen by Edgar Allen Poe)