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Parodies Of Classical Poetry

To Fight
D'Alaire — 05 Jul 1998

Worst Case on the half-Shelley.

Ooooh, Shelley's difficult! But I said he might hide in turbulent waters, but he could not escape! It became a twisted mission, and I mangled him -- really mangled him (so much so that even I feel a little sorry for him). After Shelley's "To Night"

Swiftly o'er the holodeck,
Myst'ry scribed!
Out of the midsts that you ere hacked,
Where, all the day's duties describe,
Thou wove insurrection to play
Which makes thee feared and replayed, --
Fun be the fight!

Wrap thy form in a Maquis brown,
Tempt Tuvok's plot of Starfleet down;
Kills them until it's got fans devout,
You wait a while for Tuvok's voice command,
Touch the deck with thine reprogrammed strand --
Come, long-sought!

When I arose I saw the brig,
I sneered at thee;
When we ran 'way, safety prot'cols rigged,
And Janeway incinerated sudd'nly,
And then Chakotay turned to you, Sesk';
We lingered like unwilling guests;
I sneered at thee.

With salt-shot Doc came; I cried,
Dang, that stings!
Help comes when we in tubes hide;
Plot twists and odd messagings,
Deux ex Machina o'erride;
Yet you found us -- And I sighed,
No, not thee!

Death comes if ship's destructed,
Deck entombed --
Peace will come if thou art dead;
So Tuvok's gun makes you go vroom,
I watch with glee, thy vengeful fight --
Swiftly with thee fades to night,
And thy doom.

(Based on To Night by Shelley)