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Parodies Of Classical Poetry

Parody Of Expostulation And Reply
D'Alaire — 01 Jun 1998

Words--worth--Too! Another one...

...bites the muse! "We are Seven" just didn't work out. So, after Wordsworth's "Expostulation and Reply"

"Why, Harry, on that Ops console,
Thus for a shift of half a day,
Why, Harry, work you thus alone,
And dream you time away?

"Where is your Borg -- Seven makes seethe
Your hormones else forlorn and blind!
Fess up! We know you want to breed --
With but Seven of Nine.

"You look now on Capitan Janeway
As if she were the one who bore you;
As if she were a shield array,
Aft Seven proudly floored you!"

One morning thus on Voyager
The Bridge was safe, the crew knew why,
To give up my friend Tom avered
And thus I made reply:

"The Borg-- I cannot choose but see;
I cannot make my heart be still;
A woman's there, where'er that be,
I'll seek it if she will.

"Nor less I think that she's got powers
Which like a cantalope can press;
That she could feed my guts to me
Makes me like passiveness.

"Think you, though she's brains in great sum,
Of which she's always speaking,
That I can't get a few words in?
It's worth it for those tweakings.

"-- Then ask not Paris, why alone
I'm dreaming for the day
I'll access Seven's Nanoprobes,
And wait for her parley."

Okay, I'll take a break. My muse is definately getting tired. But I had to get my English 311 hauntings out of the way.... Hold on -- Shelley! ... Bolts! I'm not too familiar with him. Anyone? Anyone?

(Based on Expostulation and Reply by Wordsworth)