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Original Verse

Ode To The Death Of Chaotica
Roxanne — 01 Feb 1999

There is a name they've learned to fear
That's in the cosmos, far and near.
And so on Proton we do call
When we're up against the wall.

But then it doesn't seem so fun,
And something seems to come undone.
The evil one starts on a war
With foes that we've not known before.

The captain then decides to join
And dresses in the same type coin.
Arachnia, and she's a queen.
His ego she has learned to preen.

She uses all her gifts on him
And puts herself out on a limb.
Her mission, to turn off his shield,
So Proton has a quiet field.

And Proton's gun disabled the ray,
And with his life the villain did pay.
The alien beings left our ship,
And we continued on our trip.

I couldn't think of a song, but here's something else.