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Parodies Of Classical Poetry

Kathryn's Birthday 2374
D'Alaire — 30 Jun 1998

Another one bites the muse.

The Krenim Ships at first incline
Where'er they see the Starfleet sign,
And if they find the Voy'ger neat,
They'll pound on it 'till it's dead meat.
Will call again and reccommend
The Voyager to all their friends:
And though our shield strength goes away,
The Capitan won't give in or trade;
Nay though the pilot rascal Thomas
Evades somewhat their worst blows 'pon us,
As much of shields B'Ela can make it
In hopes that Krenim may mistake it,
Kate thinks it both a shame and sin
To quit the passage we flew in.

Now, this is Kathryn's case in fact;
Her coffee cup's more than just cracked
(Could Picard or could Sisko fix
Their treasures broke, their caffeine picks);
This drew me in at first to find
Her working consoles 'till half-blind.
Determination now supplies
The harried rays of Kathryn's eyes.
At her leave, stubbled, I remain,
Who Kathryn tersely entertains;
With birthday greetings and with sense
A watch I give, 'tis small expense.
The ticks and tocks the silence kills,
Designed of old, inspired still.
She little smiles for what I gave,
Recycle it, she orders, grave.
I take the clock; she's frayed, no doubt --
But wears her watch when time's run out.

(Based on Stella's Birthday, 1721 by Jonathan Swift)