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Parodies Of Classical Poetry

Delta Quad Lost
D'Alaire — 27 Jun 1998

Review Boy, you've corrupted me...

Terry, too. I really should be *studying* this, not spitting on graves. Know any Milton? (I don't.)

Of Chuck's first disobedience, and the fruit
Of that wicked Maquis, who laid to waste,
Brought death to the Cardies, to Starfleet woe,
With loss to treaty, till one one woman bold
Restored them, and she took her fateful seat,
"Fire -- " Commanding muse, that blew the Kazon's top
And Array that did go bye, didst inspire
Maje Jabin who first called her enemy.
In the beginning, how the Delta Quadrant
Rose out of chaos: or, if Nebulas
Delight she more, and power sources flow
Fast, by dear Voyager's warp core, she thence
Invokes the aid of all, for light years are long,
Yet in their homeward flight intends to soar
Past all the Kazon ships. Yet they pursue
The replicators that Kate won't lay by.

Th' infernal serpent; Seska was, whose guile,
Stirred with Cardie ambition, deceived
The mother of the crew. Her plan, her pride,
Had cast her off of Voy'ger, beamed to her host
Of Kazon warriors, by whose aid aspiring
To set herself within the capitan's seat;
Once tempted good Chakotay with some soup,
Seska chose; and with ambitious aim
Against the throne and monarchy of Kate
Raised suspicious word 'gainst Carey and acted proud,
With vain attempt. She who is Capitan Janeway
Hurled death stares flaming from her spited eyes
With Chuck's betrayal and the Doctor's frown,
To Kazon ship she anon went to dwell
In coats of ermine, planning all the while,
And soon didst th' impotent Jonas take arms.

Hmmm..., Serpent whispers in Eve's ear = "Prime Factors"; Fall of Paradise = Basics... Yuch!, and yet, this really is addicting, you know. (grin) Thanks.

(Based on Paradise Lost by John Milton)