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Stout Hearted Borg
Ginny — 5 Jun 1997

Collective Entertainment is proud to present its new CD release, "Songs to Assimilate By", featuring the stirring, "Stout-hearted Borg"--

(Borg, borg, borg, borg, borg, borg, borg, borg)

Give me some Borg who are stout-hearted Borg,
  Who will fight for the hive they adore.
Just give me four who are stout-hearted Borg,
  And I'll soon give you four thousand more.

Then shoulder to shoulder and bolder and bolder,
  They grow as they go without ruth.**
For there's nothing in the Quad
  That can halt or slow the hive,
When stout-hearted Borg can stick together, cube to cube.

--and the plaintive and moving, "When You Fly Through Borg Space"--

When you fly through Borg space,
  Keep your shields on max,
Though that did little good in the past.

At the end of Borg space
  Is a clear shot home,
Though we doubt that your weapons will last.

Fly on, fly on, soon you'll be with the hive.
  Then you'll never fly alone.
You'll never fly alone.

Reserve your copy today.

** "Ruth"--an archaic word meaning pity or compassion. Well, YOU try finding an appropriate term that rhymes with "cube".