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Voyager Episode Themes

Situation (Ex Post Facto)
D'Alaire — 25 Jun 1998

Sung to Situation by Yaz

Blue-eyed gets into a situation,
Sneaking through the doorway of Tolen Ren
Bored wife's there but Ren is out;
Rainsoaked, he can't do without.

Don't mess around;
You're going down;
You're in it now;
Don't screw it up, just get out.

Tom was off carousing at late hours;
Numiri need to convey some power.
Tom's unsure what's going on,
Now he's got a new prison.

What do you see?
You'll go loony.
Don't you blame Harry.
Gettin' sick of that false mem'ry?

Paris (6x)

Tuvok's on the case; he does a mind meld.
Peoples 'gainst each other, and Tom's brain held
Info that Baneans had; Lidell's
Doggie knew the bad guy's smell.

Paris -- your butt is saved;
Paris -- Baneans forgave
Paris. Yeah you made mistakes,
Don't repeat that, for your sake.