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Voyager Episode Themes

People Aren't Lizards (Threshold)
D'Alaire — 3 Jun 1999

Sung to People Are People by Depeche Mode

Now this is funny/odd. This morning, I was browsing through Terry's fiction site and spotted his request for a second season song. Changing the radio station a bit later, an 80's pop ditty came on and put a little idea into my blue-eyed (which can also look blue-grey in certain lights) head. I wrote it out only to pop onto the Nebula and find Ruth's thread! Very odd!

Too bad color recognition doesn't travel along the same wavelengths. ; ) Tee hee! Anyway...

Lizards are Lizards
But why should it be
You'd yank out your tongue and grin real big at me?

People are people
So how could you think
To break loose from sickbay and come kidnap me?

Now we're different species
And different breeds
Since troubled young pilots go very fast speeds
It's obvious you'd fight me
When I'd poo-pooed your flight
But then I'd finally let you so from whence comes this spite?

I can understand
Why such a man'd
Think to top Cochrane
And do it again

Paris choked coffee
Sent Torres scrambling
To find out the reaction to warp ten speeds

Corpses aren't lizards
But it came to be
Though Doc suspected death by Neelix's feeds

Grody lizard hand...
It's the ampho-man...

You'd been whining
And recalling
Great things they'd said you'd be
I'd relied only on common decency
Though lizard babies scattered
I'd hope they won't be missed
It's just difficult to explain how
Females start lizard trysts

I can't understand
What made that man
Take his own captain
Out to all-points land

Lizards aren't people
So why pick on me
Knock me cold and take me warp ten joyriding?

People aren't Lizards
So how can it be
Officers could mutate oh-so gruesomely?

I do want children
Someday I'd planned
Just not with that man
Good I'm in command...