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Voyager Episode Themes

PD's Burning (Prime Factors)
D'Alaire — 13 Jul 1998

Sung to Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil

A song for a great ep.

In Honor of "Prime Factors" -- the owner of, IMO, the best Janeway dress down session of all time (so much control, such searing correction!!!), actual girltalk on Voyager, a great ribbing of Harry, serpent Seska, four prime-fare amazing Torres scenes (all in which RD communicates *SO MUCH* through those incredible expressions of hers...and perpetually looks somewhat sick -- Tayloresque Foreshadowing, perhaps? [shrug]), Tuvok at his most confusing but ironically telling, and, last but not least, the best come-on to a blushing Janeway I can't wait to see again from an AOTW.

PD to the wind!-- I loved this episode!

Out where Sikari roam
And bring good food to Janeway's tongue;
The slick dude Gath moves in on Kate
When Kim's news breaks their date.

Trajector's fun,
And useful too
To get us home.
But Gath poo-poos :
The tech is ours;
The rule's a fact;
It belongs to us,
You can't have that.

How can we get the trajector working?
Janeway can't cope if PD is burning.
Soon Sesk' and Joe make B'Elanna's ears ring
Temptations lurk, so PD is burning.

Now Harry's come
The plan to squeal --
He'd been offered
A black market deal.

Shore leave's off, no help, Kate says,
But Tuvok's traded libraries.
Torres' nightmares come true though --
in anti-neutrinos.

The ship could blow
'Cause of their tech.
B'El phasers it,
But still looks sick :
We screwed up big
My fault's a fact.
I'm an officer,
I won't go back.

How can we get the trajector working?
Janeway can't cope if PD is burning.
Going 'gainst rules got B'El's tummy turning;
Tuvok's logic got Kate's PD burning.

The time has come
To hear Kate's wrath
To bear the stare
And to cringe -- Yes, Ma'am.
Now Tuvok's turn :
--How could you dare?
--My logic's correct,
But it was I in err.

Transgressions -- none after Janeway's searing;
But t'was easy to get PD burning.