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Other Musicals

I'll Fly With Bonny Kate
Ginny — 5 Jun 1997

Sung to I'll Go Home With Bonny Jean from Brigadoon

Sung by Tom during the first season of Voyager.

(Even more abject apologies to Lerner and Loew)

I used to a be a convict lad
  And serving my sentence was all I had.
On any one I'd frown, who would try to take me down.
  But then one day I saw a maid
Who held out her hand and an offer made
  To save me from this fate
A-a-a-nd go fly with Bonnie Kate.

Go fly, go fly, go fly with Bonnie Kate.
  Go fly, go fly, I-I-I'll go fly with Bonnie Kate.

In old Marseilles, I made the scene
  With girls at a bar owned by fair Sandrine.
And every night at ten, I would meet her for a gin.
  But I will not see her again,
Especially not for a gin, at ten,
  'Cause now I have a date
To-o-o go fly with Bonnie Kate.


Good-bye to the few good friends I've known
  And the family that left me alone.
A better place I've found, and a life of which I'm proud.
  With Bonnie Kate my days will fly
And love her I will till the day I die.
  So now I bless my fate,
A-a-a-nd I fly with Bonnie Kate.