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Voyager Episode Themes

Fire The Dekyons (Parallax)
D'Alaire — 28 May 1998

Sung to Chains Of Love by Erasure

A bit late, but it's still the 28th. A Song.
"Parallax" being my favorite and right after "Caretaker":
Based after Erasure's "Chains of Love"

Why should I complain when Chakotay forced you to choose?
No use to explain -- Joe's nose got broken.

How I remember -- Not long ago,
When I was still Maquis,
We blasted Cardie ships apart.
We used to argue 'bout the repairs,
Say the Fed was unfair,
Break some bones to get there.

Mechanics --
Aced it.
Together we'll fire some dekyons
Doc's shrunk up, we've irked Chuck.
Icebreaking with you in a shuttle -- Fire the dekyons.

How I remember -- The academy,
When Chapman slapped me down,
Bore four dis' hearings ere I quit.
Now ironically, I outwit Carey
Took over the briefing,
Made chief of engineering.

Quantum Phys,
Warp Theory,
Aced 'em.
Together we'll fire some dekyons.
Getting crushed, Doc's all mushed.
'Fore *punching* the ship through the rupture, we used dekyons.
To escape we released dekyons.

True, I did disdain when there were two ships we could choose.
And 'twas a simple choice -- the port or starboard.

Distortions made us shake like jell-o;
Your hairdo stood up, though.
Now I've got my own console!

Warp on line
By thirteen
Impossible! Kiss my dekyons!
To Staff : "*Please*" -- Carey: "Peace."
I'm chief engineer since the day we fired dekyons.
Together we fired dekyons.

Happy Birthday, T'Racy
(I'd have included the MIDI if I knew how)
--D'Alaire (May 28, 1998)