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Voyager Episode Themes

Doctor Schweitzer (Heroes And Demons)
D'Alaire — 25 Aug 1998

Sung to Doctor, Doctor by The Thompson Twins

We got a high wind and flash flood alert here for tomorrow (Bonnie's good for rain but not for power lines). So, just in case I'm kicked off line (which considering my internet luck of late, won't surprise me), I'll throw this down tonight instead of tomorrow.

Anyway, since the Faces tape also had Heroes and Demons on it, and since I've really been in the retro mood of late...

I saw you there
With a big spear
And I spoke of all your woruld-ar.
And in the den
Ate venison
I'm the dude--I make measles vaccine

Freya, please
Release my knee
Oh, I can feel the longað in my holo-lïc

Doctor Doctor
Can't you see that Grendel's comin'?
Oh, Doctor Schweitzer
Photon Beings burn you.

Eeek, that light
Gave me a fright
It ate my arm and glowed like a Lite-Brite

Mushrooms grow
Nice on that stone
But they will make your holo-tummy moan

Doctor, Doctor
Give back Photons for Harry Kim
Oh, Doctor Schweitzer,
Do some fancy dealin'

Oh Doctor, Doctor
Chuck and Tuvok need returnin'
Oh Doctor Schweitzer,
Don't muss your first mission

Poor Freya, Unferth's a creep
Now I'll earn my fame
For her I'll go valiantly
But ne'er be the same.

Doctor, Doctor
You completed your first mission
Oh, Doctor, Doctor
Guess you're name's still missin'

Doctor, Doctor
Your first trip from sickbay's confin's
Oh, Doctor, Doctor
Ever thought of singin'?

Now I've seen,
touched holo-leaves,
Now let's see what's in Fed's library...