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Voyager Episode Themes

DNA (Faces)
D'Alaire — 22 Aug 1998

I haven't thought up a filk in a long time, but somehow the song just popped into my head while I was cooking dinner. (Unfortunately, I had to wheedle around what I've heard called "The Michael Stipes School of Enunciation"-- so forgive me it it's a little awkward or out of order. I had to make things fit. In spite of it, I couldn't get it out of my mind. So...

Sung to Driver 8 by REM

He took B'Elanna, half by half
Race divided one by one
And the mad Vidiian said, mine to take, DNA
DNA did I break, by the way my name's Sulan

And Klingon B'Elanna said, give back my DNA
Sulan said, let me play, I can save my population
(Still it's safe to say, that the cure's in DNA)

The dark cellblock on the outskirts of the mine:
Tom Paris says, They're the ones with the weapons, to Pete Durst.
B'Elanna, he soon saw, was human,
She recalls hurts in all the years, her forehead, dad leaving.

And human B'Elanna said, stomach ache, nerves, headache.
Then they took Durst away; for the Klingon, they would flay him.
(Courage means, Tom says, can have fear and still be brave)
(Klingon B'El sees Pete Durst's face, and she pops the cuffs away)

Back in the cell B'El sees, a way to get themselves soon freed.
Caught, then pow, he's beat -- looks up and sees herself, a Klingon, then sleeps.

The rodent on a spit, she complains, not hungry.
Klingon's trouble, weak Human--How to escape?
You do backup, me--I'll do hacking -- paired the B'Els start their plan,
Only to meet up with Sulan.

And the mad Vidiian said, won't forsake DNA--
You I'll take, them I'll bake; thought we had it going on.

And Klingon B'Elanna leapt in the wake of the bake,
Life foresaked, told B'El wait, that B'El acted with true courage.

(Need genome replaced, human she would rather stay.)
(Need both parts to be complete, B'Elanna touches her face.)