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Academy Dropout
Ginny — 27 Jun 1997

Sung to Beauty School Dropout from Grease!

Q takes the Frankie Avalon role and sings to B'Elanna, while a chorus line of fresh-faced, but doomed, ensigns sings back-up.

Your story's sad to tell, a teen-age ne'er-do-well,
  Most mixed up half-Klingon in Starfleet.
Your future's so unclear now; what's left of your career now?
  Can't even get a refund on your fees.

Academy dropout, no graduation day for you.
  Academy dropout, you missed your test flight and flunked Ops, too.
Well, at least you could have taken time to stop and clean the blood up,
  After sending four cadets to have the doctor stitch their wounds up.

B'Ela, get moving (Better get moving).
  Why stay in this system, get a grip.
What are you proving? (What are you proving?)
  You've got the dream, but not the pips.
If you go for something noble, you could join the Maquis cause.
  Turn in your uniform and break a few Fed laws.

I gotta stop doing this.