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Voyager Meets Doctor Who


This adventure takes place prior to Star Trek Voyager's fifth season premier "Night" and immediately after the Fourth Doctor's "Key to Time" saga in Dr. Who.

Voyager hangs motionless in front of a large, pulsating energy ribbion, twisting in space. Energy streamers spew from the ribbion like lightening bolts.

JANEWAY: Captain's Log: Stardate 51298.9. We have discovered what Ensign Kim believes to be a rip in the fabric of space. We are hoping to analyse the rip in the hopes of possibly finding a wormhole or shortcut back home.

KIM: Still no definite readings, captain. Tetrion and neutrino readings are fluctuating all over the scale. I'm coordinating sensor scans with Seven in Astrometrics. She hasn't seen anything like this before either. This is definitely a wormhole of some kind, but we can't determine where it leads.

Voyager is rocked and buffeted by stray energy tendrils.

TUVOK: Shields are holding.

PARIS: She's bucking like a bronco.

JANEWAY: Holde her steady, Tom.

CHAKOTAY: Perhaps a probe get closer to the anomaly and tell us something.

JANEWAY: Good idea. Mr. Kim, ready a class IV probe for launch.

KIM: Probe ready, captain.

JANEWAY: Launch probe.

A small torpedo like device launches from Voyager and flies into the energy ribbion.

KIM: We've lost the telemetry from the probe.

CHAKOTAY: Well, so much for that idea.

CUT TO: Sickbay

The Doctor sits at his desk studying a medical file. He grimices as Voyager shakes again. From the other room he hears a strange, whiring and grinding sound. He gets up to investigate.

DOCTOR (muttering): What did they break now? With all this shaking about, I'm suprised we're still intact. We can't leave well enough alone, can we. Oh, no, we have to stop and investigate any and all strange spacial anomalies. Never mind the stress and strain on the ship and her crew, tasking the skills and patience of the doc...

The Doctor's rant trails off as he reaches the outer part of sickbay and is suprised at what he finds. Standing in the middle of the room is a large blue box the size of a telephone booth. At the top of the blue box are the words "Police Box" and "Public Call." One side of the box, directly below the words, is taken up by a pair of doors.

DOCTOR: Well now, what's this. Definitely not standerd issue medical equipment. Computer, what is that?

COMPUTER: Unable to comply. Please be more specific.

DOCTOR: This large box in the middle of the room, what is it.

COMPUTER: Object is unknown. Sensors cannot penetrate surface.

DOCTOR: Hmm...

The Doctor taps his com-badge.

DOCTOR: Sick bay to bridge.

CUT TO: Bridge

JANEWAY: Bridge here. Is this important Doctor? We're in the middle of something right now.

DOCTOR: I believe so, captain. A large blue box has just materialized in Sick Bay. Perhaps Mr. Tuvok should come down to investigate.

The bridge crew exchange curious glances.

JANEWAY: Doctor, did you say something just materialized in Sick Bay?

DOCTOR: That's correct.

JANEWAY: We're on our way, Doctor. Red alert. Tuvok, sound intruder alert and order a security team to meet us in Sick Bay. Tom, back us away from the anomaly, 500,000 km. Mr. Kim, scan for any approaching ships. Chakotay, you have the conn.

Janeway gets up and heads to the turbolift. Tuvok accompanies her.

CUT TO: Corridor outside Sick Bay.

Janeway, Tuvok and four security guards enter Sick Bay. Once inside Janeway and Tuvok pull out tricorders and scan the object. The security team takes up a defensive positon, phasers drawn.

TUVOK: I'm not getting any readings. This object is impervious to tricorder scans.

DOCTOR: The ship's sensors were also unable to penetrate it.

JANEWAY: These letters up at the top, they're english. Any idea what it means.

DOCTOR: Ah, that I do know, captain. I described what I saw to the computer. Library records indicate this object is identical to a communications device on Earth during the 20th century. The device was used to contact the authorities in the nation-state of Great Britain.

Suddenly the doors to the police box open. Tuvok and the security team train their phasers on the opening. From inside the police box emerge two individuals, a man and a woman. Both appear to be human. The man is tall with curly brown hair. He is dressed in a dark brown trench coat, floppy hat and a multi colored scarf is wrapped loosly around his neck. The attractive woman behind him is shorter. She too has brown, shoulder length hair and is dressed in a white blouse, blue pants and boots.

DR. WHO: (noticing the drawn phasers): Oh, hello there. If I may ask, do you normally greet your guests in this fashion?.

Janeway motions for the security team to lower their phasers.

JANEWAY: I'm Captaini Kathryn Janeway of the Federation starship Voyager.

Dr. Who slowly approaches Janeway and offers his hand. She takes it and he shakes her hand vigorously.

DR. WHO: Ah, Captain Janeway. So nice to meet you. Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Doctor and this is my companion Ramana.

RAMANA: Hello.

Ramana and Janeway shake hands.

Dr. Who looks quizzically at Tuvok.

JANEWAY: This is Tuvok, my chief of security.

Dr. Who shakes Tuvok's hand.

DR. WHO: Hello Tuvok.

(turns to The Doctor)

DR. WHO: And you are?

DOCTOR: I am Voyager's chief medical officer.

DR. WHO: Do you have a name?

DOCTOR: Uh, I'm between names at the moment The crew refers to me as "Doctor" or, if they insist, "Doc."

RAMANA: Pardon me for asking, I don't want to be rude but, you're an artificial lifeform, aren't you?

DOCTOR: Yes, you are correct. I am the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram.

DR. WHO: A holographic doctor, how absolutely facinating.

JANEWAY: Sorry to interrupt but, now that introductions are out of the way, would you mind if I asked you who you are and what brings you to my ship?

DR. WHO: Well, as I stated, I'm The Doctor, and this is my companion Ramana. We're travellers. As for what brings me to your ship, I was just going to ask you the same question.

JANEWAY: What do you mean?

DR. WHO: Why, the dimensional vortex outside, of course. That's yours, isn't it?

JANEWAY: Our dimensional vortex? Oh, you mean the rift in space. No, that's not ours. We stumbled across it and decided to study it.

DR. WHO: Then you didn't intentionally open a vortex from this dimension to the neighboring ones?

JANEWAY: Is that what it is? A dimensional opening?

TUVOK: Interesting.

Janeway taps her com-badge.

JANEWAY: Bridge, secure from red alert and move us back toward the rift. Commander Chakotay, we have guests. Please inform Seven we're on our way to Astrometrics then join us there.

CHAKOTAY: Aye, captain.

JANEWAY: Perhaps, Doctor, you and Ramana would like to accompany us to Astrometrics. Maybe with your help we could get to the bottom of this vortex.

As the group prepares to leave, a commotion is heard coming from the Police Box. Everyone turns and sees a small robot shaped like a dog emerge from the device.

K-9: Master.

Startled, the security team raise their phasers. Dr. Who steps over and crouches next to K-9.

DR. WHO: It's all right everyone. This is my dog. K-9, be a good dog and stay here and guard the TARDIS.

JANEWAY: Your device is safe, Doctor. My people won't bother your, uh TARDIS, did you call it?

DR. WHO: Thank you, captain. I never had a doubt. In that case, K-9, why don't you stay here and discuss comparitive physiology with the holographic doctor. I'm sure you two would have lots to talk about.

DOCTOR: Discuss physiology? He understands the medical sciences?

DR. WHO: K-9 is a very smart dog, aren't you K-9?

K-9: Yes, Master.

CUT TO: A corridor leading to Astrometrics.

Janeway, Dr. Who, Tuvok, Ramana and two security guards walk down the corridor. Turbolift doors open in front of them and Chakotay steps out.

JANEWAY: Ah, Commander Chakotay. May I introduce to you The Doctor and his companion Ramana.

Chakotay shakes The Doctor and Ramana's hands.

CHAKOTAY: Welcome to Voyager.

DR. WHO: Thank you.

JANEWAY: The Doctor was telling us a little bit about himself. Continue, please, Doctor. You were saying you travel to other dimensions?

DR. WHO: Yes. You see, Ramana and I are what are know as Time Lords. We're from the planet Gallefray. Our people discovered the ability to explore dimensions much the same way you explore space. At least, they used to. Now they just sit back and observe. I'm something of an oddity among my people. I enjoy getting out and seeing new sights, meeting interesting people.

JANEWAY: And this device you use, your ship. You called it a TARDIS?

DR. WHO: Yes, TARDIS. Time and Relative Dimensions In Space. The TARDIS allows me to travel through time and space to various dimensions.

TUVOK: Why is it in the form of a 20th century Earth communications device?

DR. WHO: Ah, well, that's an interesting story...

RAMANA: It's broken.

Tuvok raises his eyebrow.

DR. WHO: She's not broken, Ramana. She's just tempermental.

RAMANA: Tempermental with a broken chamelion circuit.

CHAKOTAY: Chamelion circuit?

DR. WHO: Yes. Well, in order to avoid detection among people and in order not to shock the general populace, we have a device that causes the TARDIS to blend into it's surroundings. The chamelion circuit disguises the TARDIS, making it appear to be a normal object for that location.

JANEWAY: And, your TARDIS looks like a Police Box because the chamelion circuit...

RAMANA: Is broken.

DR. WHO: It's not broken, just malfunctioning.

RAMANA: I keep telling him to upgrade to a newer TARDIS, but he insists on using the antique one he has now.

DR. WHO: That TARDIS and I have been through a lot together. Besides, I happen to like the way she looks.

The group arrive at the entrance to Astrometrics.

JANEWAY: Ah, here we are.

They step inside.

JANEWAY: Doctor, allow me to introduce to you Seven of Nine. Seven, this is The Doctor and that's Ramana.

SEVEN: It is nice to meet you.

Seven smiles, still with obvious effort.

RAMANA: You are a Borg, aren't you?

JANEWAY: You know of the Borg?

RAMANA: I've read about them but I've never seen one before.

SEVEN: Yes, I am a Borg. Captain Janeway freed me from The Collective last year. My full designation is Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One.

DR. WHO: There, you see, Ramana. You're not the only one around with a truncated name.

SEVEN: A truncated name?

RAMANA: Yes. My full designation, or name, is Romanadvoratrelundar, but you can call me Ramana.

The Doctor focuses on the main screen. Displayed is a large image of the dimensional vortex. Various call-outs and pop-up windows float on the main screen displaying sensor readings and multiple views of the vortex.

DR. WHO: An impressive sight, don't you think, captain?

JANEWAY: Yes, it is. Phenomenon like this one are the reason I'm an explorer. We just can't make heads or tails out of this one, though.

SEVEN: The rift does not conform to any known pattern for naturally occuring spacial anaomalies.

DR. WHO: That's because it's artifical.

SEVEN: Artificial?

DR. WHO: Yes. Someone created it and used it to travel between dimensional space. I thought it was you but your captain assures me it wasn't.

CHAKOTAY: Well, we sure didn't create it. Nor have we encountered anyone in this quadrant that technically advanced.

DR. WHO: Captain, would you permit Ramana to assist Seven in analysing this vortex?

Janeway gestures toward the console.

JANEWAY: Be my guest.

Ramana steps forward and joins Seven at the computer console. She quickly starts using the control inputs.

RAMANA: The wild extremes you are detecting are caused by background noise. I've adjusted the sensors to filter out the noise.

The image on the screen shifts and reforms. Where once before was a ribbion of color with tendrils radiating out from the center, now is a shimmering circle. A faint trail leads from the hole toward a nearby star system.

SEVEN: Impressive.

TUVOK: There is an ion trail leading from the vortex.

JANEWAY: What do we know about that star system?

SEVEN: The star is 8.47 light years from the vortex. Sensors detected a highly industrialized civilization filling the entire system.

CHAKOTAY: Industrialized. Do they have warp capability?

SEVEN: It is possible but no ships have been detected entering or leaving the system since our arrival.

The intercom comes to life with a message from the bridge.

KIM: Bridge to captain.

JANEWAY: Janeway here.

KIM: Captain, we're receiving a distress signal.

JANEWAY: Source?

KIM: It's from a ship in the nearby star system. They say their under attack and require assistance.

JANEWAY: Set course for the ship, maximum warp. I'm on my way to the bridge.

Voyager turns away from the dimensional vortex and streaks toward the star system.

CUT TO: The bridge.

Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Seven, The Doctor and Ramana exit the turbolift. Janeway and Chakotay take their seat in the center, Tuvok goes to his tactical station and The Doctor and Ramana join Seven at her station behind the captain's chair.

KIM: We're in visual range.

JANEWAY: On screen.

A small runabout size ship appears on the main viewscreen. The ship is noticably battered and plasma is venting from the engines. An object that appears to be a spikey ball pursues, firing energy bolts at the ship.

KIM: Sensors detect two life forms on the damaged ship. No life signs from the pursuing craft.

TUVOK: Their shields are down and they have multiple hull breaches. I am also detecting fluctuations from their power core.

JANEWAY: Harry, get a lock on the occupants of that ship. Beam them to Sick Bay. Janeway to Sick Bay. Doctor, prepare to receive wounded.

KIM: The radiation from their ship is making transporter lock difficult.

Disruptor fire streaks from the spikes of the pursuing craft and the damaged ship is engulfed in a ball of flame.

CHAKOTAY: Harry, did you get them?

KIM: Transport was sucessful. I beamed both of them in Sick Bay.

The spikey ball flies through the wreckage of the small ship. It turns and heads toward Voyager.

JANEWAY: Shields!

Energy reaches from the spikey ball. Voyager rocks under the impact. Colsoles spark and explode inside the ship.

JANEWAY: Report!

TUVOK: Shields down to 25%. Hull fractures are reported on decks six, seven and eight.

JANEWAY: Photon torpedoes, full spread!

Torpedoes streak from Voyager toward the spikey ball. They seem to impact and detonate harmlessly.

TUVOK: No measurable effect.

PARIS: Whatever that thing is, it's tough.

A flicker of recognition crosses Dr. Who's face.

DR. WHO: Captain Janeway, I think I recognize that device. I believe it is an automated defense pod but I need to access the TARDIS's computer to be sure. May I do so from here?

JANEWAY: Yes, but hurry. Tom, evasive pattern omega.

PARIS: Evasive pattern omega, aye.

Dr. Who and Ramana frantically tap at Seven's control board. Dr. Who suddenly lets out a sharp intake of air and rapidly inputs more comands into the board.

DR. WHO: Tuvok, I've transferred tactical data to your station. Quickly, adjust the phasers to this frequency and fire at the polar shield generators on the defense sphere.

TUVOK: Firing phasers. The defense sphere's shields have collapsed.

DR. WHO: Fire another torpedo barrage, minimal spread.

TUVOK: Firing torpedoes.

The torpedoes streak towart the sphere and seem to burrow their way through to the other side. The sphere explodes.

PARIS: Yeah, got 'em. There not so tough.

DR. WHO: Don't worry, that trick won't work again. They'll adapt. The next sphere we encounter will be expecting such an attack. Captain, I believe I know who created the dimensional vortex and sent that defense sphere.


DR. WHO: I would like to talk to the people we rescued first but, if I'm right, we're all about to be in very deep trouble.

CUT TO: Sick Bay.

Two individuals lay on the diagnostic beds. One of the individuals is male, the other is female. Both are young and appear to have been in combat of some sort. They are covered with cuts, bruises and grime. There clothing are ripped and caked with dried blood. The mechanical dog K-9 is carrying varous hypos and medical instruments. The Doctor bends down, takes an instuments and tends to the two.

Enter Janeway, Tuvok, Dr. Who and Ramana.

JANEWAY: How are they, Doctor?

DOCTOR: Unconscious, for the moment. I've treated their internal injuries and radiation exposure. These two have had a rough time of it.

DR. WHO: Is it safe to wake them? I have a couple of questions to ask.

DOCTOR: I can give one of them a stimulant but it will only be temporary and I can't risk it more than once.


The doctor bends down and takes a hypo away from K-9. He injects it into the male. The male coughs, gasps and tries to sit up. The Doctor gently pushes him back. Dr. Who and Janeway step closer.

TIM: Uh, where am I?

JANEWAY: You're safe. We rescued you.

TIM: My sister, is she here? Jules!

JANEWAY: She's fine, she's right here.

DR. WHO: Your attackers, can you tell me about them?

TIM: They invaded our world suddenly a couple of months ago. We didn't know what hit us. They've bombed our cities, killed or imprisoned our people.

DR. WHO: Can you describe them for me? Were they large? Did they look like lumps of flesh in battle suits?

TIM: No, not organic.

DR. WHO: Mechanical? Were they tall or silver looking?

TIM: No. Small, dome shaped.

Tim lets out a groan and slips into unconsciousness.

DOCTOR: You'll have to stop your questions for now. They need to rest. They're out of danger and should be able to talk in a few hours.

JANEWAY: Did you understand anything he said? Were you able to figure out who did this?

DR. WHO: Yes, I believe so. We need to have a meeting when these two are awake and alert. This entire galaxy is in imminent danger.

CUT TO: The briefing room.

Seated are Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Seven, Paris, Kim, Torres, Neelix, The Doctor, Ramana, Tim and Jules. Dr. Who is standing at the display screen. An image of a dome shaped robot is on the screen. The robot has a domed turret with a cylinder protruding from it. They turret sits upon a square body. Two manipulator arms or weapons extend from the body. Sensor disks cover the robot.

DR. WHO: They're called Daleks. They're the scurge of countless planets. If they're allowed to develop a foothold here, this galaxy is doomed.

SEVEN: There is no mention of these Daleks in The Collective's history.

TUVOK: This dimensional vortex, they created it?

RAMANA: Yes. In the dimension we come from, the Daleks are well known and feared. The Doctor has fought them many times.

CHAKOTAY: They just arrived and started attacking? Without warning or provocation?

JULES: Yes. Two ships. We hailed and hailed them but they didn't respond. We sent our warships to intercept them and they flew right past. As they entered orbit they seeded thousands of those spikey spheres. Any ships in the system were destroyed. They bombed our cites from orbit. Then they landed. Those things poured out. They just seem to keep coming.

KIM: What about your defenses? Your military? Surely you put up a fight.

TIM: They wiped out the organized military early. We formed resistance groups and started guerilla warfare operations. They

PARIS: How were you able to escape?

JULES: They came for our father. For some reason, they kept saying they wanted him alive. They took extra special care in his capture. They were so careful we were able to slip by. We made it to a hanger and found a ship that was still in good enough repair to be space worthy. We'd hoped to find someone, some civilization that could come back and help us. Help free our world.

DR. WHO: Well, you found us.

TORRES: Whoa, wait a moment. Are you implying we're going to be able to help them? These things took over an entire world. We're one small ship.

NEELIX: Maybe we could help find some help. The Hirogen perhaps? Or the Krennim?

DR. WHO: There isn't enough time. We've got to help them, now.

TORRES: Why? Why isn't there enough time? Why do we have to help them

DR. WHO: Because of what I said earler, if the Daleks get a foothold, this entire galaxy is doomed.

PARIS: Aren't you being a little melodramatic? The entire galaxy?

DR. WHO: No.

RAMANA: The Daleks are notorious and ruthless. This galaxy is unprepared for them.

KIM: We've fought the Borg, that should make us prepared for anything.

DR. WHO: Compared to the Daleks, your Borg are mere babies.

PARIS: You are being melodramatic. The Borg assimilate anything they find. What could be more devastating than that?

DR. WHO: Yes, yes. The Borg assimilate all they encounter. Assimilate is the key. In some way, the life and culture of their victims still exists. Their memory is not forgotten. The Daleks destroy all they encounter. They are opposed to all organic life. They will exterminate, eradicate, wipe out all life in this galaxy. After that, they'll move on to another galaxy. And another.

JULES: But their not doing that on our world. They've killed millions but they're not on any extermination campain.

DR. WHO: That's odd. That is completely out of character. It is against their very nature in fact.

JANEWAY: Perhaps it's part of some plan we don't know. Or, perhaps they've been reprogrammed. Why did they choose this world? What is strategically valuable about your world? Any precious metals or minerals? Location? Technology?

TIM: No, nothing I can think of. Skaro isn't really a technical giant. We haven't had FTL drive for very long. No superior weapons.

RAMANA: Wait, could you repeat the name of your world?

TIM: Skaro?

DR. WHO: Skaro! Of course. I should have recognized the constellation arraingments.

RMANA: I tried to tell you.

JULES: Wait. What is so special about our world?

DR. WHO: In their home galaxy, the Daleks are from the planet Skaro.

TIM: What are you saying, that these invaders are us from a different dimension?

DR. WHO: That would explain why they're not exterminating all life on your planet. They view the Kaled life form as perfect. You do call yourselves Kaleds, don't you?


DR. WHO: And you know the Thals?

TIM: Thals? Well, our large southern continent is called Thal. I suppose you could call the people who live there Thals.

DR. WHO: But you're not a war with them?

TIM: No.

RAMANA: Well, some things are different.

JULES: What do you mean?

DR. WHO: The Daleks were originally created after a devastating nuclear war between the Kaleds and Thals.

NEELIX: How terrible.

TIM: No, we're not at war with the Thals. We are a united planet, at peace. At least, we were at peace.

CHAKOTAY: If what The Doctor says is correct, we have to stop these Daleks. Ramana said you've faced the Daleks before, Doctor.

DR. WHO: Yes, and barely got out with my hat in one piece each time.

JANEWAY: Well, this time you have us to help you. Now, all we need is a plan.

RAMANA: The Daleks arrived in only two ships, yet they've taken over the entire planet. That's correct, isn't it?

JULES: Yes. It seems they're producing them somehow.

RAMANA: And all these Daleks are are coordinated by a central body.

DR. WHO: Standard Dalek proceedure. What are you thinking?

RAMANA: Well, what if we were able to introduce a virus to disrupt the central computers? With the computers down, the Daleks couldn't coordinate their activities. At the same time, we could introduce new orders, self destruct orders or something.

TUVOK: In order to do that, you would have to gain access to their computers. Voyager cannot face another of their defense spheres.

DR. WHO: Not to worry. I could take the assault team in my TARDIS. We could materialize near the control area.

RAMANA: Are you sure?

DR. WHO: Oh, not to worry. The old girl and I have gotten quite good at short hops like that. The big thing is, what kind of help can you provide, captain? That is, if you agree to help.

TIM: Please, my people are dying. We're desperate. Please Captain Janeway, help us.

JANEWAY: We'll help. Chakotay, you and Tuvok make a list of people best capable of assisting The Doctor. After that, work with The Doctor and Ramana on a plan of attack. We'll meet with the assault team here in two hours.

CHAKOTAY: Yes, ma'am.

CUT TO: A turbolift entrance.

Four officers, two men and two women, arrive and call the lift to take them to the briefing room.

ANDY: Leonie, how are you doing?

LEONIE: Fine. I see you got a call too.

ANDY: Yep. Hey, Eric.

ERIC: Guys.

T'RACY: Am I late?

ERIC: No, just in time.

The turbolift doors open and the four officers step inside.

LEONIE: Any idea what this is about?

ANDY: I think it has something to do with that visitor that arrived in Sick Bay.

ERIC: I heard we're gonna kick Borg butt.

T'RACY: I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

ANDY: Bridge.

The turbolift doors close....

Sick Bay. Captain Janeway, the Doctor and Seven of Nine are standing in front of the TARDIS. Andy, Eric, Leonie and T'racy enter pushing crates suspended by anti-grav units.

DOCTOR: Captain Janeway, I must protest this use of my Sick Bay as a weapon's depot.

JANEWAY: I assure you, doctor, I'm not any more pleased about it than you are. Unfortunately, The Doctor's TARDIS is here. Since he is transporting the assault team to Skaro, this is the best place for a staging area.

T'racy hands a PADD to Seven.

T'RACY: Here's a manifest of what we were able to get from the armory.

SEVEN: 1 case of photon grenades, 8 personal sidearms, 12 compression phasers with sniper sights, 10 transporter inhibitors, 10 standard issue medical kits, 10 standard issue tricorders, 2 power generators and 1 mobile replicator. Excellent. Now, if you all will follow the Doctor, he will administer the subcutaneous transponders.

The group follow the Doctor to a table and he begins giving each a hypospray injection.

DOCTOR: In the event of an emergency and you are unable to communicate with the ship, Voyager should be able to lock on to the transponder I'm implanting under your skin and beam you back to the ship.

ERIC: Assuming Voyager will be able to get close enough to the planet. The way Tim and Jules described the defenses during the briefing, I think the odds of the cavalry coming to the rescue are small.

LEONIE: That's the way to brighten the mood, Eric.

ERIC: Just stating a fact.

As the Doctor administers the injections; Tim, Jules, Dr. Who and Ramana step out of the TARDIS.

DR. WHO: Are we ready to go?

Andy turns to Seven.

ANDY: That's up to our illustrious leader.

SEVEN: The assault crew is all present and accounted for. The supplies we need are in these two crates. We shall load them into your vehicle and be on our way.

ANDY: Lead on, oh, great leader.

JANEWAY: Lt. Windes, is there a problem?

ANDY: No, ma'am.

JANEWAY: If you can't check your attitude at the door, I suggest you not go on this mission. I'm sure we can find someone else.

ANDY: That won't be necessary, captain.

JANEWAY: See that it isn't.

SEVEN: Captain, the team is ready to disembark. Are there any last minute orders?.

JANEWAY: None, except good luck and good hunting.

SEVEN: Luck is irrelevant. We will succeed.

TIM: Come on, we're wasting time.

Tim and Jules return to the TARDIS. Seven leads the starfleet officers to the anti-grav units and ushers the group inside. The Starfleet officers step into a large control room and are awestruck by the sight. Eric steps back out, looks at the outside of the ordinary appearing police box and steps back inside. In the center of the room is an octagonal shaped control console. A coat tree stands next to the entrance.

Ramana and Dr. Who step over to the captain.

DR. WHO: Don't worry captain. You're doing the right thing. The fate of your entire galaxy rests on our shoulders.

JANEWAY: I'm used to leading my troops into battle myself.

DR. WHO: That won't be possible, this time. Voyager cannot make it through the orbital defenses around Skaro and we'll need a ship to return to.

JANEWAY: Well, good luck, Doctor. You too, Ramana.

RAMANA: Thank you, captain.

Dr. Who and Ramana step into the TARDIS and find the Starfleet officers just standing and looking all around.

T'RACY: How did you do that?

DR. WHO: Do what?

T'RACY: Your ship. This room. I mean, this just isn't right.

Dr. Who looks around.

DR. WHO: Looks all right to me.

RAMANA: The TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental.

ERIC: Dimensionally trnaswhat?

RAMANA: Dimensionally transcendental. That means it's...

SEVEN: It's bigger on the inside than on the outside.

RAMANA: Exactly.

DR. WHO: Well, enough gaping, we've got a planet to save.

Dr. Who steps over to the control console and begins adjusting various knobs and switches. A large rectangular object, at first glance a replica of the TARDIS, begins to bob up and down in the middle of the console. The room is filled with a whirring, grinding sound.

Outside the TARDIS, the Doctor and Janeway watch as the blue Police Box slowly fades.

DOCTOR: Well, once more into the breach.

JANEWAY: It feels odd, entrusting the lives of my crew to the hands of an alien I've never met before. Bring them back, Doctor, bring them back.

CUT TO: Skaro. Capitol city.

The TARDIS materializes onto a street in the bombed out capitol city of the planet Skaro. Everywhere around are the smoldering ruins of a once great city. Gunfire and explosions can be heard in the distance. A light drizzle of rain is falling.

K-9, Dr. Who, Ramana, Seven, Jules and Tim slowly emerge from the TARDIS. Eric, Andy, Leonie and T'racy follow, pushing the anti-grav units.

JULES: Welcome to Skaro. I hope you have a pleasant stay.

TIM: Sorry about the mess but we're in the middle of remodeling the planet. Early ruins.

SEVEN: Lt. Peters. You and T'racy move off to the left and scan for any life forms. Lt. Windes, you and Ensign Fox take the right side. Each of you are to scan a perimeter 100 meters from this location, then report back here to me.

LEONIE: Yes ma'am.

ANDY: Absolutely, your highness.

SEVEN: Lt., do you have a problem?

ANDY: No, none whatsoever. Aye, aye, captain. Yes ma'am. I will comply. Resistance is futile.

SEVEN: Good.

Leonie and T'racy pull out tricorders and scout to the left of the TARDIS. Andy and Eric go to the right.

ERIC: Man, Starfleet. What has gotten into you? It's a good thing Seven has difficulty understanding sarcasm.

ANDY: What has gotten into me? I'll tell you what has gotten into me. It's her. The Borg Brigadier. Who is she to be leading this Away Team?

ERIC: Captain Janeway put her in charge.

ANDY: Captain Janeway's been assimilated. Seven's not Starfleet. She's not a member of this crew. 'Oh, we found us a pet Borg. Let's bring her back to humanity and make her a bridge officer.' Meanwhile, me and several other good officers languish below decks. We're the ones who graduated from the Academy, not her.

ERIC: Man, you've got it bad. Do you feel the same about me? About the rest of the Maqui? After all, we didn't attend the Academy.

ANDY: That's different. You've got practical experience. You've been through combat. You know how to give orders without sounding like some blasted android. You've been lost with us for five years now. You've proved yourself.

ERIC: Well, Seven can't help it if she's not been with us for five years. But she does have a lot of knowledge.

ANDY: Yeah, assimilated knowledge. Stolen knowledge.

ERIC: Still, she's the one in charge. Captain's orders.

ANDY: Yeah, but I don't have to like it.

CUT TO: Leonie and T'racy.

T'RACY: You picking up anything with those Betazoid senses of yours?

LEONIE: It's hard to concentrate. There's so much death and dying here, I'm having to block a lot of it out and try to sort through the rest. I don't think anyone's close by.

T'RACY: These tricorders aren't picking anything up over a great distance. Too much interference in the area.

CUT TO: Dr. Who, K-9, Tim, Jules, Ramana and Seven.

Dr. Who, K-9, Tim and Jules walk toward a monument of some kind in the distance.

RAMANA: That Lt. Windes comments were very sarcastic.

SEVEN: His sarcasm is irrelevant. He will follow orders.

RAMANA: Yes, but I don't think he likes them very well.

SEVEN: I fail to understand his animosity. I have been placed in this position by Captain Janeway. I have given him instructions. He should carry them out without complaint.

RAMANA: Perhaps he doesn't like the way you come across.

SEVEN: The way I come across?

RAMANA: Yes. One thing I have learned over time, partially through my experiences at school on Galleyfray but mostly during my time with The Doctor, is that people sometimes perceive command authority as arrogance. Especially in someone they haven't known for very long?

SEVEN: Are you saying I'm arrogant?

RAMANA: No, not necessarily. A lot of people think I'm arrogant or a know it all, mostly because my solutions are the right ones. The Doctor felt that way about me at first but now I believe he's come to respect my insights.

SEVEN: What do you suggest I do to come across as less arrogant?

RAMANA: I think it will just take time. This leutenant, and perhaps others, will just have to get to know you better. Perhaps if you spent some time with them in group recreation. Interact with them outside the work environment.

SEVEN: Our own doctor has stated a similar tactic. I shall give it some thought.

Dr. Who, K-9, Tim and Jules return to the TARDIS.

RAMANA: Well, Doctor? Was K-9 able to detect anything?

DR. WHO: Not much, I'm afraid.

K-9: There is a lot of electromagnetic disturbance in the area, Mistress.

JULES: This used to be our capitol city. That monument over there represented our aspirations of reaching out into space. It was erected in the memory of all the explorers from our past who devoted their lives in search of the unknown.

TIM: Looks like the unknown found us.

Leonie, T'racy, Andy and Eric return.

SEVEN: Report.

LEONIE: We searched to the left. Nothing but blasted out buildings. Plenty of places for someone to hide but we didn't detect anybody.

T'RACY: Something is interfering with the tricorders. We couldn't get a long range scan.

ERIC: We had the same problem. We scouted around on foot where we could but we couldn't scan real far.

ANDY: We came upon a river about 80 meters from here. Looks like it runs through the city.

JULES: That's the Aslar/Paris river. It's one of the largest rivers on the planet. It cuts the capitol in two. The star port is located at the mouth of the river about 4 kilometers downstream.

DR. WHO: Star port? Ramana, do you suppose we could interface with the Dalek systems there?

RAMANA: Perhaps. It would be logical for the Daleks to use it as a staging area.

K-9: Master.

DR. WHO: Yes, K-9?

K-9: I am detecting four mechanical objects 60 meters away. They are moving in our direction.

DR. WHO: Quickly everyone, find some cover.

ANDY: Tim, Jules, grab some weapons. Leonie, you and..

SEVEN: Lt. Windes. I am in charge here.

ANDY: Oh, sorry ma'am. Must have slipped my mind.

LEONIE: Andy! This isn't the time.

SEVEN: Lt. Peters is correct. Now set up a crossfire zone between these tow buildings. Hurry. Do not fire until I give the order.

The group scatters. Andy and Eric take positions in the second story windows of a building fascing the street. Leonie and T'racy take position in the opposite building. Tim and Jules set up around the corner to the left and Seven takes the corner on the right. Dr. Who, Ramana and K-9 move into a building at the end of the street.

While the group take their positions, objects become visible in the distance. A group of four Daleks hover down the street. The four units stop 15 meters away.






Daleks 3 and 4 move forward. They each turn in opposite directions to scan the faces of the buildings lining the street. They stop and open fire on Andy, Eric, Leonie and T'racy's locations.

SEVEN: Fire!

Phaser fire erupts from the windows of the buildings. Concentrated beams converge on Daleks 3 and 4. At first they seem to have no effect then the beams increase in intensity. The two Daleks explode within moments.



The two Daleks move forward, firing their weapons. The phaser beams move up the street towards them. Again, the Daleks seem to resist the phaser fire at first. As the phasers increase in intensity, the remaining two Daleks turn into smoking shells.

After the skirmish ends, the group gathers together to assess their results.

ERIC: Whoo-ah! That wasn't so hard. Did you see the way they just shattered?

LEONIE: They should have done more than shattered, I had my phaser set pretty high.

ANDY: Mine too.

SEVEN: Interesting, they seem to be somewhat resistant to phaser fire. We will have to be all that much more diligent in our attacks.

T'RACY: Perhaps we could find a weak point. Underbelly attacks perhaps?

SEVEN: An excellent suggestion. I will leave that line of research up to you.

DOCTOR: We need to move on. The Daleks will no doubt follow up on the loss of their patrol.

The group moves out, clinging to the shadows and doorways of various buildings. Tracy and Leonie take the point, scanning as far ahead as their tricorders will allow. Andy follows a few paces behind, offering cover fire if needed. Dr. Who, Ramana, K-9, Seven, Tim and Jules follow next, pushing the anti-grav units. Eric is last in the rear guard position.

With a signal from Leonie and T'racy, the column halts in the cover of a clothing store. Tattered remnants of fabric are strewn about. Leonie and T'racy move close to confer with Seven.

LEONIE: We're picking up life form readings in that building at the end of the street. The readings are erratic. I think the person is injured.

SEVEN: Any sign of Dalek patrols?

T'RACY: No, nothing as far as the tricorders can detect.

DR. WHO: Perhaps we'll be able to get some information from this person.

SEVEN: Then we shall proceed with the rescue.

The group stands in front of a door at what is obviously the rear of the building. The street around them is littered with the debris of several nearby buildings. Andy tries to open the door.

ANDY: Locked.

DR. WHO: Oh, allow me.

Dr. Who pulls out a small cylindrical device from his pocket and crouches next to the door. A humming sound emanates from the device. With a muffled click, the door swings open.

ANDY: How did you do that? What is that thing, some kind of lock pick?

DR. WHO: A sonic screwdriver. Comes in rather handy from time to time. I don't go anywhere without it.

SEVEN: We should proceed.

Andy and Eric lead the group through the back door. They enter into a storage area of some kind. Crates full of various items and racks of clothing line the walls. The clothing looks like a hodgepodge of styles and eras.

TIM: Jules, do you realize where we are?

JULES: Sure do. The Macager Theater. We had quite a few good times here, didn't we.

TIM: All those trips we'd take here as a family when we were little.

JULES: I can still see us coming here. Dad and mom in their best outfits; the two of us tugging on their arms as we tried tore race to the seats.

TIM: And then mom died and we stopped coming as a family. Dad threw himself into his work.

JULES: Well, he had two children to care for.

TIM: Jules! Mom died and dad hid in his work!

JULES: Mom's death hit us all hard.

TIM: So? You're right, mom's death hit us all hard. Two young children who lost their mother. Then we lost our father. He became so absorbed, so obsessed with his work.

JULES: His work was important.

TIM: Important? More important than helping his children grow up? He abandoned us for a wild pipe dream. He didn't realize that all his experiments and research wouldn't bring her back.

JULES: But he did find a cure for her illness. Other children wouldn't have to lose their mothers like we did. He did good work.

TIM: At the abandonment of his family.

JULES: Ugh! This is pointless.

T'RACY: The life signs are coming from this direction. Toward the stage.

LEONIE: I don't know. Something's not right about this. I'm not sensing any coherent thought patterns. Even unconscious, I should sense a mind.

The group step out from back stage. There, in the middle of the stage is a slumped figure. T'racy gets out a med kit and approaches the figure. She reaches the figure and starts to turn it over.

LEONIE: No! Wait. T'racy, it's a trap!

T'racy reacts too late to the warning. As she moved the figure, an unseen trip wire is broken.

T'RACY: It's not real, it's a mannequin.

From the rafters above the stage a cage drops and encloses her. Electrical bolts surge along the cage and stun T'racy. Several sand bags attached to large ropes swing down. The group duck and dodge to avoid the sandbags. Andy, Eric, Leonie and Seven open fire on the sandbags.

TERRY: The trap is sprung! Move! Move!

During the confusion, a group of individuals emerge from behind various entrances. With weapons drawn, they surround the group on the stage.

JASON: Wait! Hold your fire. They're not tin cans.

GINNY: Who are they? I've never seen anyone like them before.

TERRY: I don't know. Jason, get their weapons.

FLITE: They probably work for the tin cans, look at those uniforms, those weapons.

SUZYQ: Kill 'em!

Jason moves to gather the weapons from the group. He notices the crates of extra supplies.

JASON: Hey, it looks like they brought us lots of toys to play with. I'll just take care of this, if you don't mind.

TIM: No! Wait. We can explain. They're here to help us.

JULES: We're not the enemy. We're from here. This is our home city. We escaped the Daleks and went ot find help. They're gonna help us beat the Daleks.

JASON: Likely story. This planet is under siege. No ships can get in or out.

FLITE: There turncoats. Traitors to their own kind.

JULES: No! We swear. We were able to get away from the Dalek pursuit pods. We found these people and they came back to help us.

TERRY: all right. Everyone wait a minute. Now, if you are who you claim you are, then how did you get back here? If you're that powerful to take out those pursuit pods, why haven't you started sending in ground troops or bombing these tin cans into oblivion?

DR. WHO: Allow me to explain. I am The Doctor, and these are my traveling companions.

Dr. Who reaches into one of his coat pockets. The rebels raise their weapons and watch as Dr. Who pulls out a small, white bag.

DR. WHO: It's all right. Here, everyone have a Jelly Baby.

Terry looks at what Dr. Who is offering, a small jelly like piece of candy. Dr. Who takes one and pops it into his mouth.

DR. WHO: See, there really quite good.

Terry takes one. He then snatches the bag from Dr. Who and passes it around his group.

DR. WHO: There, now, don't you feel better. I find a nice Jelly Baby shared among friends can be quite calming. Now then, as to why we are here. These two people, fellow citizens of yours, risked their very lives fleeing Skaro in an attempt to find help. These people in the uniforms were nearby and picked up Tim and Jules distress beacon. I happened to be on their ship and assisted them in destroying the Dalek pursuit pod. I've had quite a bit of experience at fighting the Daleks mind you. Because of this, I know the danger the Daleks pose to this galaxy. I offered to help fight the Daleks and get them off your planet. Now we're here, ready to fight and so happy you found us.

GINNY: What do you think?

FLITE: I think there turncoats.

GINNY: I meant Terry.

TERRY: Hmmm... Sounds plausible. We haven't been ambushed by any tin cans. If they meant to do us harm, they would have done so by now. I say we take them back with us and let Ruth decide.

GINNY: Are you sure that's wise?

TERRY: Well, if they're genuine, then we need all the help we can get. If their lying, we can always dispose of them.

SEVEN: What about our comrade in your cage. She is injured and needs medical help. Will you let us assist her?

TERRY: Oh, sure. Ginny, reset the trap. Maybe next time we'll be able to capture a tin can like we were supposed to.

Ginny raises the cage and Leonie rushes over to the slumped body of T'racy. She scans her with a tricorder.

LEONIE: She's unconscious. I can't find any physical trauma except for a couple of burns. She's just stunned. I'll give her something to help her come around.

Leonie takes a hypo and injects T'racy. Within moments, T'racy staggers to her feet.

T'RACY: Wh... what happened? I feel woozy.

FLITE: I'll tell you what happened. You set our Dalek trap off, that's what happened.

T'RACY: Ugh, Dalek trap?

FLITE: That's right. We were gonna find out what made those tin cans tick but you went and sprung the trap. Now we have to reset it and try again.

TERRY: Flite, enough talk. Help Ginny reset the trap. Then prepare to move out.

A short time later the group begins to move out. Terry and his rebels surrounding the would be rescuers. The group makes their way to a tattered subway entrance. Terry stops the group, bends down and hammers a repetitive sound out with a nearby rock. As the echo fades, a different pattern is heard in response.

TERRY: OK, we can move on. Ruth will meet us at the junction.

As the group proceeds down the subway tunnel, Leonie senses something and draws closer to Seven.

LEONIE: We're being watched. There is a large group of people in the darkness.

ANDY: With weapons trained on us, no doubt. I would do the same.

The group rounds a corner and comes to a platform in a lit portion of tunnel. Standing on the platform is Ruth, the leader of this resistance group. With her are four heavily armed bodyguards.

RUTH: Who are these people, Terry?

TERRY: I'm not sure. These two claim to be from here. They say they were able to flee Skaro and bring back help to overthrow the Daleks.

FLITE: I think they're tin can lovers. We should just whack 'em and be done with it.

RUTH: Yet, if they're legit, they would be valued assistants. But that's the big question, isn't it? If they are who they claim to be. How will we determine if their story is true or not?

As Ruth speaks, a commotion is heard from beyond the entry to the platform. A woman comes through the doorway and runs up to Ruth. She begins speaking but stops when she notices Tim.

D'ALAIRE: Ruth! The south group reported in that they... You!

TIM: Hello, D'alaire.

D'ALAIRE: You! Aargh!

In a sudden fit of rage, D'alaire spins around and storms off.

ERIC: Who is that?

TIM: My ex...

Dr. Who, Ramana, Seven, Jules and Ruth are in a control room in the subway system, overlooking over a map of the city.

DR. WHO: It was nice of you to finally accept our identities, Ruth.

RUTH: It was D'alaire who finally convinced me. She may have some animosity toward Tim ...

JULES: Some animosity?

RUTH: ... but she said he did have access to a ship once upon a time and that he wouldn't be the type of person to fall into the service of the Daleks. Plus the fact that I examined all your equipment helped to show your friends weren't from around here.

SEVEN: This diagram of the city is crude and simplistic. Will it be able to aid us in our mission?

RUTH: It's the best we can provide at the moment. I've made several notations on here; Dalek holdings, troop movements, skirmish locations, etc...

RAMANA: This notation is the location where we met your party. What exactly was that trap for?

RUTH: Before the Dalek invasion, Terry worked in electronic warfare research and development. He believes that if he's able to capture a Dalek and find out how it works, he might be able to devise a weapon to use against them.

DR. WHO: You planned to capture a Dalek? That is very bold.

RUTH: Terry came up with the plan. He figured that since the Daleks were interested in capturing individuals, baiting them should be easy. After the cage fell a stunning device was to incapacitate the Dalek while the swinging bags of sand were to confuse any companions it may have had. Terry's bunch would then jump out and eliminate the rest of them.

DR. WHO: Excuse me, did you say the Daleks were capturing individuals?

RUTH: Yeah, they seem especially interested in injured people.

DR. WHO: That is very odd. The Daleks are bent on extermination and conquest. The only time they've captured and used organic life forms was when they needed slave laborers.

RUTH: That's not what they're doing this time. We can't figure out what they are doing, though. They take all their prisoners to this part of their compound here.

Ruth marks a section on the map in the area of the star port.

JULES: That area is the medical center, if I remember correctly. It's been a few years since I was at the star port.

RUTH: Yes, that's the medical area. We believe they're doing some kind of experimentation on the captured subjects, though we have no evidence.

Seven points to another area of the star port on the map.

SEVEN: This section here, it is also under Dalek control?

RUTH: Yes. That seems to be the main control area. We've been able to determine that all the command and control signals emanate from that area. It's the old launch control center.

RAMANA: If we were able to get to this area, we would be able to access the Dalek computer network, wouldn't we?

RUTH: But getting there is the real issue. We have this data but it cost us dearly to get it. That place is locked up tighter than any vault.

DR. WHO: Are there any other access points?

RUTH: Not that we've been able to determine. Possibly some of the devices the Daleks are using.

DR. WHO: Devices?

RUTH: They have large machines that scoop up and process rubble and ruins. The Daleks send these machines out to gather raw materials and then it construct what they need.

DR. WHO: Hmmm.... That's fascinating.

CUT TO: An entrance point to the subway system. Andy and Eric are standing guard duty with a group of resistance fighters, including Terry and Jason.

TERRY: So, what's your story?

ANDY: Our story?

TERRY: Yeah, your story. You guys say you're not from around here.

ANDY: That's right. We're originally from the Alpha Quadrant.

JASON: What's an Alpha Quadrant?

ANDY: Our people have mapped the galaxy and divided it up into four geographic regions, or quadrants. We are from the quadrant we call the Alpha Quadrant. You are across the galaxy in what we call the Delta Quadrant.

JASON: So, how did you get here?

ERIC: That's a long story. You see, I was originally a member of a resistance group called the Maqui. Our government, the United Federation of Planets, had seeded our world and several others to these spoon headed villains called the Cardassians.

JASON: Why'd they do that?

ANDY: It was a political settlement. We'd been at war with the Cardassians. After the war, tensions were still high. The politicians decided to redraw the boarders. Some Cardassian worlds were now in Federation space and vice versa.

TERRY: I bet that caused a lot of trouble.

JASON: Sounds like typical, stupid politicians.

ERIC: Anyway, my people didn't like living under the rule of the Spoon Heads.

ANDY: You were given the opportunity to leave, you refused.

ERIC: Would you leave your home just because some politician several hundreds of light-years away decided to give it to the enemy? It was my home.

TERRY: I take it you weren't one of these Maqui, Andy?

ANDY: No. I follow rules and obey orders like a true Starfleet officer.

TERRY: Starfleet?

ANDY: The military arm of the Federation.

ERIC: As I was saying! We didn't like the Cardassians so we fought them. We caused trouble, disrupted supply lines, etc... Anything we could do to drive the Spoon Heads from our home.

ANDY: As per the terms of the treaty with the Cardassians, the Federation was responsible for stopping it's former citizens from causing this trouble. My ship, the USS Voyager, was sent to capture this particular Maqui group.

ERIC: We fled from Voyager and they chased us into the Badlands, a region of space known for its nebula and plasma storms. A great place to hide. Unfortunately, our ship was captured by a powerful entity and we were dragged here to the Delta Quadrant.

ANDY: Voyager pursued the Maqui ship into the Badlands, only to be captured and dragged here as well. We've been trying to get home ever since.

JASON: Wait a minute. An entity? Powerful enough to drag you across the galaxy? What did it want? Why couldn't it take you back home?

ERIC: Oh, it could have, but our captain made a bone-headed decision and destroyed our way home.

ANDY: Now, Eric. Really. Bone-headed? You would have just let the Ocampa perish?

TERRY: Ocampa? Perhaps you better finish this story.

ANDY: After we were dragged to the Delta Quadrant, we met a powerful sporocystian alien living inside a giant space array in orbit of the planet Ocampa. This alien was the planets caretaker. The planet would have been inhospitable for the Ocampans without his care.

ERIC: Only, this caretaker was dying. He tried to use us to replace him but we were incompatible with his technology. As a last resort, he channeled a huge amount of energy to the Ocampan stores, enough to last them for a long time. Then he died.

JASON: Couldn't you have figured out his array and got it to send you home?

ANDY: The trouble was, there was this group of marauders called the Kazon. If we'd just left, they would have taken the array, pillaged Ocampa and killed everyone there. We couldn't allow that.

ERIC: So our captain, in her infinite wisdom, destroyed the array so it wouldn't fall into Kazon hands.

JASON: You're right, that was a bone-headed decision.

ANDY: Just as bone-headed as us being here helping you. We could have left you to the Daleks and continued on our way home but we didn't. Just like the array. Sure, we could have gotten home. But we would have lived with the knowledge that we sacrificed a group of innocent beings in the process. None of us could have lived with that. Not even you, Eric. Admit it.

ERIC: Yeah, well. Hey, you know what's funny Starfleet.

ANDY: What's that?

ERIC: This story made me think. When we first met, you were sent to capture me and return me to justice.

ANDY: And now?

ERIC: Now we fight side by side and I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have watching my back.

ANDY: Me either, buddy.

CUT TO: A different entrance. T'racy sits gazing at the night stars. Leonie comes up and joins her.

LEONIE: Penny for your thoughts.

T'RACY: You can't read them?

LEONIE: I could but I try not to pry. What are you thinking about.

T'RACY: Oh, about life, being in Starfleet. You know, I joined Starfleet to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations.

LEONIE: To go boldly where no one had gone before?

T'RACY: Exactly.

LEONIE: Well, we've certainly done that. No one from home has ever been anywhere we've been these past five years. You would think we're the only ship in Starfleet actually living up to those bold words in the charter.

T'RACY: Yet, I can't help but wonder if this is all there is. If this is it.

LEONIE: If what is it?

T'RACY: This. Life. You know. Am I destined to die under an alien sky? Did I come all the way out here just to give up my life?

LEONIE: Risk is part of the job. It's something we have to face. We'd be risking our life back home. Probably more so. Remember, that message from home said there was some kind of war going on. We're probably safer here.

T'RACY: Until we landed here. It's just that we've seen so many of our friends die.

LEONIE: Stadi, Darwin

T'RACY: Seska.

LEONIE: Dear Seska. You know, it's hard to believe she turned out the way she did. She had us all fooled.

T'RACY: Even you, my Betazoid friend?

LEONIE: I told you, I don't pry. Oh, sure, there was something about her I thought didn't feel right to my telepathic senses. I didn't did deeper though. That would be wrong. Just occasionally I'd get these surface thoughts or feelings that would leak out and didn't add up. Of course, finding out she was really a Cardassian disguised as a Bajoran settled that. Cardassians and Bajorans don't think alike.

T'RACY: You're telling me.

CUT TO: A supply depot set up in a subway tunnel. D'Alaire is inventorying the supplies, obviously trying to keep busy and away from the new arrivals. Tim enters the tunnel and approaches her.

TIM: Hey.

D'ALAIRE: What do you want? I told you I don't want to see you.

TIM: I just wanted to thank you for putting in a good word for us to Ruth.

D'ALAIRE: OK, you thanked me. Now go.

TIM: Hey, what's the matter? Why are you so bitter?

D'ALAIRE: Bitter? Who is bitter? Not me, I'm beyond bitter.

TIM: What did I do?

D'ALAIRE: What did you do? That is so like you! Nothing is ever your fault! No, wait. You're right. You didn't do anything. That's the problem. That was always the problem. Not that you did do something but that you didn't. You never let me think for myself. You never listened to me. You never considered that I had a brain and thoughts to contribute to anything.

TIM: Whoa. Now, wait. Don't you think you're being harsh?

D'ALAIRE: Harsh? Hah! I'm being accurate. You told me what to do, how to think, where to go, who to talk to. I tried to talk to you about it but you wouldn't listen.

TIM: I'm sorry. It's just that, what with my father the way he was...

D'ALAIRE: Your father! Always with your father. Well, that defense or excuse of yours isn't working this time. I've heard it before plenty of times and, you know what, it doesn't make sense. You think you're the only one to come from a dysfunctional family? You think you're the only one who didn't have proper parental role models? Well think again. My father wasn't the greatest in the world either. He made all sorts of mistakes.

TIM: I never knew. You never mentioned him.

D'ALAIRE: You're right, I didn't mention him. That's how bad he was. But, you know what? I decided not to let him ruin my life. I saw the mistakes he made, the wrong decisions he chose. I decided to learn from his mistakes. Sure, I may have the same tendencies, maybe it is genetic. But I decided to fight those tendencies. I keep thinking how I want to be treated and I treat others that way. I try hard not to be selfish. I give other people room and I listen to what they have to say. I've decided I want a relationship with someone who is like that. Not someone selfish like you.

TIM: Oh, well. Hmm. OK. If that's how you really feel.

D'ALAIRE: It is.

TIM: Oh, look D'alaire. I know it's over between us. I can accept that. I'll even leave you alone. It's just a part of me cares about you, will always care about you. With this war going on and all, I just want to know you're safe. It's a little silly to be fighting like this when the fate of the entire planet is at stake.

D'ALAIRE: You're right but I had to say what I did. I've rehearsed and practiced it for a long time, priming myself to say it the next time I saw you.

A rumbling fills the air and dust and gravel fall from the tunnel roof.

TIM: What's that?

D'ALAIRE: I don't know but it doesn't sound good.

CUT TO: The subway entrance. A major fire fight is in progress. Daleks pour into the subway system.


Resistance fighters and Starfleet officers fire at the Daleks from behind whatever cover they can find.

RUTH: How did they get in here? How did they find us?

GINNY: I don't know. I've never seen a tin can in the tunnels before.

CUT TO: The entrance to the supply tunnel. Tim and D'alaire run into a group of Daleks entering this part of the tunnels.


D'alaire crouches and fires at the Daleks. Tim tries to do the same but his phaser seems to misfire.

TIM: Stupid gun. How does this thing work.

D'ALAIRE: You'd better figure it out fast, there's to many of them for me to hold off.

TIM: Ah, forget it. I'll just pop one of these grenades.

D'ALAIRE: No Tim! Don't...

D'alaire's warning falls on deaf ears. Tim pushes a button on his phaser and activates the photon grenade launcher mounted underneath. A glowing ball lobs from the launcher and hurtles toward the Daleks. The grenade explodes above the group of Daleks, bringing the entire ceiling support structure down on top of them.

TIM: There, that stopped them.

D'ALAIRE: See! That's what I mean! You don't listen! I told you not to fire the grenade.

TIM: But I stopped them.

D'ALAIRE: But you also blocked the entrance. We'll never dig through that.

With an exasperated sound, D'alaire turns and storms off down the supply tunnel into the darkness.

TIM: Wait, where are you going?

D'ALAIRE: Away from you!

CUT TO: The subway entrance. Ruth and her resistance fighters, Jules, Dr. Who, Ramana K-9, and the Voyager crew are fighting a losing battle.

SEVEN: We do not seem to be halting the Dalek advance.

DR. WHO: I believe it is time to withdraw.

RUTH: I agree. Ginny, sound the withdraw.

Ginny pulls out a horned instrument and blows into it. A short musical sound fills the area.

RUTH: Everyone! We are pulling out! Withdraw to the fall back point.

JULES: Pulling out? But what about Tim? Where's Tim.

SUZY Q: He went to find D'alaire. That's the last I saw of him.

JULES: We've got to find him!

SUZY Q: It's too late. If they're still alive, they'll catch up with us.

The group of resistance fighters run down the tunnel. At one point Ruth and her group stop and usher everyone else past. Terry runs up to Ruth from the opposite direction.

RUTH: Is everything in place?

TERRY: Just give the word.

RUTH: Then lets go.

JULES: In place? What's going on?

RUTH: You'll find out. Now, run everybody!

The group runs down the subway tunnel to join the rest of the resistance fighters. Daleks advance along the tunnel toward them. They catch up with the rest of the group at a ladder leading to the surface. Everyone begins climbing. The ladder leads up into a structure of some kind.

RUTH: Everyone here?

JULES: Tim! Tim?

GINNY: He's not here, neither is D'alaire. A lot of others are missing too.

RUTH: We'll have time to mourn later.

TERRY: The Daleks are in position.

RUTH: Push it, Terry!

Terry withdraws a small remote control device from his pocket. He lifts the antenna and pushes a button. Explosions rip through the tunnel and rock the building the group is in.

TERRY: That should stop them long enough for us to get away.

SEVEN: Get away to where?

RUTH: The old sewer tunnels. We have boats there. From there we'll move.

The group head down several corridors until they reach a large underground boat dock. As they enter the dock and board the boats, a commotion is heard the the murky waters below.

SUZY Q: More Daleks? I never knew they could swim.

GINNY: Neither did I.

TERRY: Look! Over there by that ladder.

All attention is turned toward a ladder leading up from the sewer water below. Two figures emerge from the mucky blackness and climb up the ladder.

JULES: Tim! It's Tim!

Jules races over to embrace her brother.

TIM: Hey sis.

JULES: Oh, Tim. It is you. I thought you were dead.

D'ALAIRE: No, I saved us.

RUTH: Good to see you, D'alaire.

D'ALAIRE: I figured you would be heading toward the fall back point Ruth. Good thing I remembered the sewer access points. Tim for once decided to trust my advice and followed me.

TIM: Death may have been a better alternative.

DR. WHO: Well, now that we are all reunited, what is the next plan of attack?

RUTH: I'm leading my forces to the next town to the south. We're going to hook up with the resistance group there. You're welcome to join us.

DR. WHO: These sewer tunnels, could they take us to the star port?

RUTH: Yes, they should.

GINNY: But why would you want to do that? The star port is Dalek central. That's where the brains are at.

DR. WHO: Exactly. We came here to save your world and that's where we need to go. Now, how do we get there?

JASON: There should be maps in the boats. In the old days, the sewer maintenance workers used these boats. They should still be supplied.

RUTH: Is there anything we can do to help you, Doctor?

DR. WHO: Yes, actually there is. We will need a big distraction. Could you provide one for us?

RUTH: Well, yes. I suppose.

DR. WHO: Good. When we're in position, we'll need you to start an all out attack on the Dalek recyclers in this city. That should draw the Daleks attention away from us.

RUTH: How will we know when you're in position?

DR. WHO: We'll leave K-9 with you. When we're ready, I'll whistle for him.


DR. WHO: Good. Then it's settled. K-9, stay with Ruth and wait for me to whistle.

K-9: Yes, master.

The travelers climb aboard one of the boats.

DR. WHO: Be a good dog now.

K-9: Yes, master. Good-bye, master.

DR. WHO: Ramana, shove off.

Ramana unties the mooring ropes. Eric, Andy, Leonie and T'racy push off with the oars in the boat. The group float off down the tunnel....

To be continued...