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The story of Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay

This series will be written in several parts to be determined. Part I: Strangers is the first of the Series. The characters and main principle of the story belongs to Paramount, they own the rights for all of it. This story is not meant for profit but for survival (STV withdrawal syndrome). If Season V did not start so late, I probably would have never thought of working on this (In other words, it's all their fault).

1: Strangers

Two headstrong captains have to join a Starfleet crew and a Marquis crew in order to survive in a quadrant that is 70,000 light years from the Federation. Are they attempting the impossible? How can the members of their two crews become colleagues and possibly friends when the Captain and First Officer themselves can't? (PG 13)
This part is set at the end of "The 37's", before and after "Initiations".

2: The Nature Of Friendship

Something is bothering the Captain and she's not talking, can Chakotay find out what it is? And is he prepared for the changes that their friendship would bring about in him? (PG 13)

3: Connections

Being stuck on a planet together brings about a twist on the relationship between Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay. (PG 13)

4: The Second Anniversary

Kathryn and Chakotay reflect of the events of the past year which have affected them deeply. Together. (PG 13)

5: A Natural Progression (NC-17) or Reflections (PG-13)

WARNING: This story is rated NC- 17. If you are under the age of 17, please do not read this story. The PG-13 version is called "Reflections". It highlights all the important parts of the story that you would need to know for the following parts of Soulmates and their Codas. It is not porn, but it is of the same sexual content as the average adult romance book.

A Natural Progression: Chakotay and Kathryn realize that they are playing with fire when it comes to their relationship. Will they get burned?
Reflections: Chakotay and Kathryn gave some thought to changing the nature of their relationship.
This part is set throughout the third season.

Coda 1: Inner Fire

WARNING: this story deals with heavy issues such as rape, death and torture. It is not overly graphic but there are specific details which are given. If you are sensitive to these issues, please do not read this story. As the author, I am aware of the serious emotional repercussions of these issues and I hope that I have reflected that awareness and sensitivity in my writing.

This is the sixth story in the Soulmates series. However it is not Part 6. It is one of the Codas to the series. They fit into the series but do not follow along in the same time line. The main focus changes from J/C to one member of the crew, but through it all they are involved.

It was a love affair that was long awaited. However, just as things were beginning between them, Kim and Kingston take a shuttle to investigate an anomaly and are lost. Can Janeway and Chakotay get them back in time, or will Janeway lose two of her crewmembers? (PG 13) (J/C, K/K, P/T)
This part is set throughout the third and fourth seasons.

Dedicated to Julie, the Lone Kimite Voice shouting to be heard in the Coffee Nebula Wilderness which is often too populated by Tomaholics and Chakotaholics.

6: A Formidable Woman

Kathryn discusses her recent near death experience with Chakotay after a moonlight sail on Lake George. (PG 13) (J/C, P/T)
This part is set right after "Coda" in the third Season.

7: Duplicity

Chakotay reflects on his experiences on being linked to the New Co-operative. (PG 13) (J/C, T/C, C/F)
This part is set during and after the episode "Unity" in the third season.

8: The Dark Pages

Page 1: Scorpion's Sting
The page is set during and after "Scorpion II".

Page 2: The Loss
Kes' Farewell Party (PG 13) (J C T/P K/K, N, D, T, W, L , in short everybody and their mother)
The page is set during and after "The Gift".

Page 3: Transitions
Janeway and Chakotay deal with the impact of Seven of Nine on the crew and on themselves, separately (PG 13) (J,C)
The page is set during and after "Day of Honor".

Page 4: Shattered Peace
Janeway deals with the consequences of her actions during the Borg/Species 8472 conflict. Chakotay deals with the ramifications of Nemesis. Both become aware of the damaged state of their friendship. (PG 13) (J,C)
The page is set during and after "Nemesis and Revulsion".

9: Coming Into The Light

Page 5: Heart To Heart
Reconciliation and Resolutions (PG 13) (J/C)
The page is set before "Scientific Method".