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Alternate Universe Episodes

Shawnster's Scorpion II
Shawn — 25 May 1997

Grifone, you beat me to a plot point (great minds...)

When we last left our intrepid heroes, Capt. Janeway was an unwitting passenger of a Borg cube as it fled, with Voyager in tow, from the oncomming forces of species 8472. The Borg have a change of heart and negotiation is no longer irrelevant.

The holo Doc suceeds in altering the nanites so they can assimilate the "47s" but there is a catch. Janeway orders the Doc to create the nanites so that, after a long period of time, the nanites turn on their hosts. Any Borg upgraded to fight the "47s" will eventually be self-consumed. An added benefit to this modification is that the nanites are coded to specifically seek out "47s" DNA. These nanites cannot assimilate anyone on Voyager.

Several Borg are modified to fight the "47s" and prepare for an assault.

The Borg have demonstrated the capability to beam through shields. Voyager and a squadron of cubes ambush a lone "47s" craft. Borg beam over and assimilate the crew.

Through this assimilation the Borg collective learn a great deal about the "47s." This species is similar to the Borg and to the aliens from "Independence Day." They are locusts, bent on consuming anything in their path. Any biological material they encounter is mulched and infused into their systems. By using this biomass, the "47s" are able to grow new ships and repair the ones they have. The pile of Borg bodies was a collection of biomass that hadn't been transferred back to the ship yet.

With this added information and the addition of telepathic Borg capable of assimilating the "47s", the Borg and Voyager part company. The Borg, having no concept of deceit or betrayal and feeling that "a deal is a deal" open a transwarp conduit for Voyager to fly through. "Leave while you can Voyager, the next time we meet, you will be assimilated."

Voyager exits the conduit and finds itself still in the Delta Quadrant but several thousand light years closer. In fact, the conduit let them out at System J25 (or whatever the system's name was), the star system where the Enterprise originally encountered the Borg the first time (Q Who (TNG)).

The End