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Ohhhh, My Animal Guide!

Computer, initate program 'Ohhhh my Animal Guide.'
Leonie — 4 Jun 1997

I existed the Holodeck, what a pogram!!!!, I had no idea that it was going to be this intense!!!. All I did was program the computer to conjure a a scenerio with certain parameters. I must say I didn't expect this. I had always wanted to be a captain, of a ship, but to be stranded in a different quadrant far away from everything that I knew and to have HIM as a first officer, I must say, it was the last thing I expected. I wonder how starfleet will react when I reached home and they read my report on this adventure.

I knew that there was going to be a transporter malfunction, I had programed the Holodeck computer to create a system malfunction, and the transporters are normally the first to go. Beaming up in the middle of an attack by the GDSOB's was risky, we knew that, but Chakotay and I had to get back to the ship. After all Kim was left in charge while Paris and Torres were on an away mission and tuvok and Neelix were negotiating for provisons. I felt something was wrong and when I opened my eyes, I seemed to be taller than I normally was. I lifted my hand to my head, odd, my hair was not normally this short. I had to see if Chakotay was alright, I turned to talk to him and i realized that i was lying on the transporter pad next to myself. I turned around and saw the doctor and Kes standing over my body, I had asked where Chakotay was and in reply everyone looked at me in shock. My voice had been manly and I turned and caught my reflection in mirrior on the control pad. I was Chakotay.

I really wasn't him. I was existing in his body and in his mind. all things that were him were made available to me. After the usual technobable which accompanies accidents like these, it was determined that somehow, I was in chakotay's body and he in mine. However, he wasn't conscious because he was hiding in something so frightening in myself that he didn't know how to let go.

I wasn't prepared for what living in Chakotay's body would mean for me. And I did not know how I was going to look at him in the eye, if i ever got out of his body. All there, it was all there. The secrets of childhood hurts, the experiences, the memories, the intensity. The analysis about myself. Damn this man. He knew me better than I knew myself. I used to blush secretly by myself. There were things that I didn't realize about myself until I was looking at me through his eyes.

But none of that was as discomforting as the intensity of the feelings that i realized he had towards me. There was respect trust and love. The most tender and the most relentless. And there was a core of lust that I didn't know existed. There was something so passionate, so primative, so animal about his desire for me. Knowing chakotay as I did, I didn't think he was a man of that kind of lust, but then again my mother had always said still waters run deep. Deep!!!!!!, this guy dug out the grand Canyon for himself.

When I had to go look for him in my consciousness through a device which the doctor had made for me. I realized that he was buried deep in my fears. Getting him out wasn't easy. The demons that were in my fears were there for so long that I had gotten accostomed to them. I lived with them day to day. I never thought that it would be so overwhelming for chakotay. Using my knowldege of himself, I got him to take my hand and let him to his body and I took my rightful place in mine. The 'About Last Night speech is going to be a doozy"

"Computer, locate Commander chakotay"

"Commander Chakotay is in the Holodeck"

I entered. It was warm. A scene from one of the Caribbean Islands from Earth. The sun was setting and Chakotay was looking at it set above the sea from a nearby house. He spotted me and waved for me to come over. When I got to the house and began the conversation, it was staccato at least in the beginning. We had to talk about it. We couldn't. It was just too tabu for us. Then he remebered something. He made a proposal and i agreed with his plan. We sat down on the bed and touching our bodies merged in and out of each other. As we roamed through our beings, questions, answers comments thoughts all came to minds, things were settled and other things were aroused.

He felt it and i felt it too. The lust comming from both of is was being satisfied and being increased at the same time. We entered our own bodies. He looked at me and I him. We touched again and this time our lips merged. We became one, in two, in one. The last peices of ourselves which remained separate during our first merge, were indistingushable from each other. The lust rose to a creshendo, each of us ebbing and flowing into each other. Until at last we could hear the sea above our cries as they died down.

Great, I'm going to have a hard time explaining why I can't walk. Those posistions we went through should have been best left to an acrobat. But then again. It was an experience. I have to remember to increase my personnal holodeck time.

The End