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Mary Sue, Billy Bob, And Their Crew

The Kiss (Or Synchronicity)
Elaine D — 25 Mar 1997

It was a beautiful spring day, and Elaine strolled along the seaside promenade, approaching the area where she was to meet her husband, Michael, a leader in the field of Advanced Compu-Science. She could hardly contain her excitement. She'd just left the Starfleet Command Building and had been notified that her lifelong dream, promotion to Captain, had been realized (and on the "Explorer", no less, one of the newest and largest Starships ever built.) She increased her pace, and her golden red hair, neatly styled in a chignon, glinted in the sunlight. Growing warmer in full uniform, and immersed in her thoughts, she vaguely heard a male voice that cried out "Kathryn!" The voice became stronger, shouting in her general direction. She was suddenly aware of a form gaining on her,approaching from behind with some urgency, then stopping. A hand tentatively yet determinedly touched her shoulder and she simultaneously turned to face this stranger. It was impossible to miss the immense disappointment in his face. He stammered to Elaine how terribly sorry he was, so terribly sorry.....

That evening, as Mark absent-mindedly stroked Molly, the scene kept repeating itself in his mind. How could he have made such an obvious mistake? He had felt so sure! He wondered if the fact that today was the anniversary of their introduction could have swayed his sensibilities. It was so easy to remember, too; he and Kathryn had always joked about what the significance could be of their first meeting on MayDay. It had been some time since he felt this melancholy. The holoroom seemed to be the only place to go to now. When he saw her holographic image, he realized just how much he missed her. As the the program began playing background music from their favorite composer, he gathered her in his arms to dance, lost in time and place, and bent to kiss her lips.....

Kathryn exited her quarters, and headed for the Holodeck. She'd been thinking about Earth, home, and Mark all day. Her occasional thoughts of sadness and despair were always intermingled with determination. Yet this day she felt a renewed sense of hope and joy. She hadn't realized the reason why until moments ago when she remembered it was May 1st back on Earth. The Captain requested that the computer play the dance music she and Mark had always enjoyed, and her eyes glistened with tears as she saw his image before her. His arms enveloped around her, and she was lost in time and place, conscious only of reliving the times they'd spent together. She looked up at him and smiled, and his mouth met hers.....

Mark and Kathryn kissed their holodeck counterparts at that same instant, quadrants and worlds apart, and neither expected the result of this action. Never had they anticipated it, but this moment couldn't have been more startlingly real !

Elaine (Based on an outline/idea from Mike - he's an incurable romantic!)

The End