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Mary Sue, Billy Bob, And Their Crew

Fate's Summons

"All human things are subject to decay, and, when fate summons, monarchs must obey." —Mac Flecknow (1682)

The ship shuddered under the impact. The high pitched whine of air escapeing filled the cabin.

erryT'ay: Shields are gone!

acyTr'ay: What's that whining sound?

ikeM'ay: We've got minor hull ruptures all over the ship your highness. If unchCr'ay's crew gets to be any better shots, we'll be done for.

erryT'ay: unchCr'ay was such a Royalist too. Now he leads this rebellion.

acyTr'ay: We should have listened to that mad monk Andy'ay. "And out of the garden a serpent will rise and strike at the heart of the royals. One as close as a brother will turn against the sun."

erryT'ay: I'm sending a distress beacon, perhaps some Royalists will respond.

The whine seases but the little ship continues to shake under the near misses and hits from the pursuing cruiser.

ikeM'ay: erryT'ay, where are we?

erryT'ay: Two parcecs past the outpost colony on anglyL'ay.

ikeM'ay: Do we have enough juice to make it to the Great Expanse?

acyTr'ay: The Great Expanse? Are you crazy? No one has every come back from that glowing cloud. I know we tell our children that paradise lies on the other side of the Expanse, but I've no desire to go there just yet. Surely there are other alternatives.

The ship's internal systems flicker and everyone is thrown about by the deafening explosion.

ikeM'ay: I disagree your majesty. They would be fools to follow us.

erryT'ay: We can make it, barely. If we don't take any more hits like that last one. The question is, what do you plan to do once we get there?

ikeM'ay: I'll think of that when we get there.

On board the pursuing cruiser.

unchCr'ay: What do they think there doing?

Eric'ay: I believe they think they can lose us in the Great Expanse. And, they can.

unchCr'ay: What?

Eric'ay: We won't be able to get the crew to pursue. Besides, no one returns from the Great Expanse. They're as good as dead, what's it matter if we kill them or they kill themselves.

arieM'ay: Sensor contact. A ship is approaching from the direction of the Expanse.

unchCr'ay: acM'ay has arrived with reinforcements.

arieM'ay: Negative, the ship doesn't match any known configuration. The ship appears to be two-hulled. Wedge shaped above with roughly a cylinder beneath.

Eric'ay: Royalists coming to save the last of the line?

unchCr'ay: Well, they will be too late. arieM'ay, scan that ship. Eric'ay, inform gunnery crew that the person who destroy's her majesty's ship will receive an official post on the new Parliment.

Aboard the Royal yacht.

erryT'ay: I've stopped the plasma leak before it ignighted. We've lost main power. The aft quarters are exposed to space.

acyTr'ay: We're not going to make it. The family line ends here. The monarcy is over.

ikeM'ay: NO! Your highness don't think that way.

acyTr'ay: These rebels exicuted my family. Don't even suggest we will find a warm cell aboard unchCr'ay's ship.

The ship crackled and popped. Everyone knew the end was comming, just not when. A new sound, a gentle hum filled the air and rose in pitch. acyTr'ay's body began to tingle all over, as if it were asleep. She never expected death to fill like this...

On board the cruiser*

Eric'ay: Confirmed kill sir! The yacht is destroyed. The battery under the command of uthR'ay takes the credit for the kill.

unchCr'ay: First officer Eric'ay, make a note of that in the official log. uthR'ay to receive special commendation and a seat on the newly formed Parlimentary council, such post to be decided upon at a later time.

arieM'ay: Captain, we still are detecting an unidentified craft now entering weapons range.

unchCr'ay: Open up with primary batteries.

Eric'ay: Direct hit. It looks like we shook them up good.

areiM'ay: We're being hailed.

unchCr'ay: On screen.

An image appears on the main viewscreen. The bridge crew are visibly shocked at the sight they behold. Instead of the imagined image of fellow comrads in arms or Royalists come to save the princess, an alien face stares back.

Janeway: I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. We mean you no harm or hostile intent. We detected a distress beacon and arrieved to offer assistance.

unchCr'ay: I am Captain unchCr'ay of the people's army. You will surrender your vessel and prepare to be boarded. I claim your ship in the name of the people.

Janeway: Surely we can come to an understanding captain. We're travelers trying to get home. We don't mean to offend you and we'll be on our way.

areiM'ay (whispers): Captain, a moment.

unchCr'ay motions for the communication to be muted and turns to arieM'ay.

unchCr'ay: This is important?

arieM'ay: I have run a scan of the alien ship. I am detecting three life forms of the Amah'rets on board.

unchCr'ay: You are suggesting that the princess and her party are on board that ship? How could that be?

arieM'ay: I know that sounds impossible sir but I ran the scans myself. Either these aliens have magiced the princess and her guards over or else they have other Amah'rets aboard.

unchCr'ay: Mute off. Captain Janeway. My crew infroms me you are holding three of my people aboard your ship. Those people are wanted by my government. You will hand them over when we search your vessel.

Janeway: The three people you refer to, the crew of the small ship you destroyed, are being treated in our sickbay for serious injuries. May I ask what crime they are charged with?

unchCr'ay: They are enemies of the state, that is all you need to know. Now, for the last time, lower your shields and prepare to be boarded.

Janeway: I will not surrender my vessel. When the three crewmembers are awake I will investigate your claim and hand them over to the proper authorities then. In...

unchCr'ay: You will surrender your vessel and hand them over now or we will fire upon you. Gunnery crews, lock on target.

Janeway: I'm sorry you feel that way. I see no way out of this. Helm, reverse course. Take us out of here.

Voyager turns and leaps away from the cruiser. unchCr'ay orders pursuit.

arieM'ay: The alien ship is at extreme weapons range and pulling away. Our weapons are have little if anny effect.

Eric'ay: They are heading toward the Great Expanse. It appears they will enter the expanse before we can close. We can't follow them into the Expanse, what are your orders captain?

unchCr'ay: Pursue them to the Great Expanse; make sure they go in. Perhaps they will be swollowed up by that void. Unlikely though, since they were disgorged form the beyond in the first place. Contact the garrion on anglyL'ay. Have them send assault scouts to form a picket line along the edge of the Expanse, in case they return. Concentrate on their last known position. Helm, set a course for the homeworld, best speed possible.

On board Voyager

acyTr'ay slowly regains consciousness. At first everyting is just voices and a bright blur. Is this the Great Expanse? Slowly things clear and she can tell she's lying on a bed, her guards in a similar state. Standing, almost hovering over her are alien beings. Strange beings with too much hair and too pale of skin...

acyTr'ay: Where, where are we?

Janeway: Easy now, your safe, among friends.

ikeM'ay: Who are you and where are we?

Janeway: I am Captain Kathryn Janeway and you're on the Federation Starship Voyager. This is my First Officer, Commander Chakotay and our Tactical Officer, Commander Tuvok.

Holodoc: And I am your doctor and I insist on you making only short, brief answers at this time. Captain, I am still adjusting to their physiology. Please try to understand.

Janeway: I understand Dr.

Chakotay: Can you tell us who you are?

acyTr'ay: I am acyTr'ay, princess of the Royal Monarchy. These are my two aides, ikeM'ay and erryT'ay.

Tuvok: Why those other people were trying to kill you?

erryT'ay: We were being pursued by rebels who are attempting to overthrow the monarchy. Sensless rebels with the goal of bringing destrucion and anarchy to the lives of everyone in the realm.

ikeM'ay: Do you, captain, profess loyalty to the Crown?

Janeway: Voyager is neutral to the affairs of the peoples in this part of the galaxy. We com from a United Federation of Planets on the other side of the galaxy. We are a long way from our government at home.

Holodoc: Captain...

Janeway: Yes Dr, yes I know. You three need your rest right now. We'll talk again soon. As soon as you are released by our good Dr., We'll have a proper reception for you. Until then, rest.

Last time: acyTr'ay, last surviving member of the royal family, and her bodygard-advisors, erryT'ay and ikeM'ay, have fled from the revolutionary forces led by unchCr'ay and have been given sanctuary aboard the Federation starship Voyager, lost in the Delta Quadrant.

In the guest quarters of acyTr'ay, erryT'ay and ikeMay

ikeM'ay: Your highness, we must ask this Captain Janeway to deliver us back to our people.

acyTr'ay: Once this ship clears the Great Expanse, Captain Janeway has assurd me that we will find an untold number of civilizations. We will be able to find assistance among these people.

erryT'ay: If they exist...

acyTr'ay: And yet, erryT'ay, here we are, aboard an alien ship. Surely you are no longer skeptical of other sapient lifeforms in the galaxy?

ikeM'ay: erryT'ay's skepticism isn't the issue here. We have people back home waiting for us. You are the survivng regent. It is time to take your place among the great leaders of The Monarchy.

acyTr'ay: I'm in my mid-thirties, much to young to be contemplating the role of empress.

ikeM'ay: But the people await your return. The realm has been entrusted in your family's care for untold generations.

acyTr'ay: No, I'm too young. It's much too early.

erryT'ay: ikeM'ay is correct. You are the last of the royal house. The septer has passed to your hand.

acyTr'ay: No, no. My great-grandsire was 74 years when he assumed the throne and the realm was shaken to the core. No one that young had ever ruled The Monarchy. The people were shaken for scores of years, untile grandsider gained age and wisdom.

erryT'ay: And yet, the throne awaits your return.

iekM'ay: Will you at least discuss this with Captain Janeway. Couldn't she consider returning us?

acyTr'ay: I will discuss this with Captain Janeway at an opportune time. Now, we must get ready. They are holding a reception for us soon.

Off-duty personell gather in the Hawaiian resort program to meet the new guests.

In one corner, Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, the Doctor and acyTr'ay discuss her culture.

Janeway: You say we are the first intelligent beings your race has encountered in space?

acyTr'ay: Yes captain. There are legends dealing with an invasion several thousand years ago but no physical evidence. Most people just assume the stories to be myths.

Chakotay: Then it must be a shock to finally meet us. You hav adjusted quite well for your first contact.

acyTr'ay: Thank you. Yes, it was a shock. It still is a shock when I look around at the different beings on this ship, and you say that's a small number of what's out there, past the Great Expanse. In fact, I still can't get over how pale you people look and how all of you have way too much hair. The Doctor here is the only one who even approaches, uh, normal.

Holodoc: A truely enlightened species.

Chakotay: And your people have never explored beyond the pocket of space you live in? Never have sent ships to the other side of the nebula?

acyTr'ay: Nebula?

Chakotay: Yes. This Great Expanse, as you call it, is really a nebula. A gaseous cloud that is the birthplace of stars.

acyTr'ay: No, no one who has gone into the Great Expanse has ever returned to tell about it. Our culture has concluded that the Great Expanse is where you go when you die. Beyond the Great Expanse is a beautiful paradise where your dead family and friends wait for you. There is much joy, laughter and singing there with no pain or sorrow. You say this is a birthplace of stars? My head still swims with the possibility of finding planets and life beyond the Expanse.

Janeway: I can understand your shock. We were suprised when our sensors detected your little pocket of space in the Great Expanse. Imagine our suprise to find five stars within a few light-years of each other and a space fairing civilization thriving in that pocket of space. No wonder no one has found your people. Without the proper equipment it is difficult to navigate a nebula and even more difficult to detect anything like your worlds. Those brave explorers of yours must have lost their way once inside the Expanse.

Across from this small group stand erryT'ay, Seven of Nine, Neelix and Tuvok.

erryT'ay: I must thank you for not removing our equipment, Mr. Tuvok. You cannot belive how different this is for me.

Tuvok: On the contray Mr. erryT'ay. In my service with Starfleet I have participated in many first-contact situations. I do not feel you pose a threat to this ship and you do have proper guides.

Neelix: Yes, yes. He-he. No need to feel scared or insceure erryT'ay. We're all one big family here. Look at Seven here. She was just as scared as you are now, yet she realized how friendly we are. Now we hardly can remember life before she came on Voyager.

erryT'ay: You are not an original member of this crew?

Seven: No, I was born human but became a member of the Borg when I was a young child. I spent my whole life, everything I remember, as a Borg drone. Captain Janeway and Voyager helped the Borg in our fight against species 8472. During the battle I was assigned here. While attempting to commandeer this ship and return to the Borg, my fellow drones were blown out of the airlock. I was the only one left on the ship. I aided in the defeat of Species 8472. Subsequently this ship was hurled past Borg spcae.

erryT'ay: Are you on your way to return to the Borg now?

Seven: No, I cannot return to the Borg. Captain Janeway decided to make me human again and ordered the Doctor to remove key Borg implants.

erryT'ay: Ordered? You mean you didn't request to regain your humanity?

Seven: I did not request it. The captain decided on her own that it was in my best intrest, and the best intrest of the ship, that I return to the human race. I have come to accept her decision.

erryT'ay: Interesting.

Outside the resort area ikeM'ay trades stories with Tom Paris, B'Elanna and Harry Kim.

ikeM'ay: ...And so the fighting continued in the outer colonies. In the middle of the night rebels surrounded the Royal Palace and took everyone prisoner. erryT'ay and I were able to sneak out and find acyTr'ay before the rebels could. We hid in the slums and sewers for days. We heard conflicting reports that they posioned Andy'ay, the mad monk. He was mad but harmless. When they did that we knew all was lost. We began to plan our escape. They broadcast live the execution of the Royal Family. They even executed someone dressed like acyTr'ay, so as to woo the populace. They were looking for us though, all the harder after the exicutions. We hitched a ride on top of a government transport headed toward the space fields. We drove past another exicution and I sware it looked like that monk Andy'ay, who we earlier heard was posioned. We finaly made it to the launch facility and stole a royal yacht.

B'Elanna: Incredible. And this leader of the revolution, this unchCr'ay, he was a good guy at one time?

ikeM'ay: Yes, he was a close, personal friend of the Emperor's. He was a valued member of the Royal Guard. He loyally supported the Royal Monarchy all his life. Suddenly, without warning, he seized complete power of the military and staged this coup. Now, what about you, do you have any stories? Any adventures as you try to return to your home?

Tom: Well, we could tell you how we came to be in this part of space.

ikeM'ay: That must be an incredible tale.

Tom: Commander Chakotay over there, along with B'Elanna here and a few others were members of the Maqui, a group of, uh...

B'Elanna: Freedom fighters. We felt our government had sold us out to a terrible enemy known as the Cardassians. We withdrew from our government and fought to keep our homes.

Harry: Tom was a member of the Maqui at one time but He'd been captured. Captain Janeway recruited him for this mission. He knew how Chakotay thought and was to help track him down.

B'Elanna: Captain Janeway had another ace up her sleeve. She had sent Mr. Tuvok to infiltrate our group as a spy. As she hunted us with Voyager, he kept an eye on us from the inside and helped Captain Janeway to keep track of us.

Tom: We pursued Chakotay's Maqui ship into the Badlands, a region of space similar to this Great Expanse we're in now. The next thing you know, a plasma wave hits our ships and transports us here.

Harry: An Alien called the Caretaker transported us here. He lived in a space station in orbit around the planet Ocampa. A long time ago he and his mate ruined the environment of Ocampa and forced the inabitants to live underground. He was caretaker of the planet and species after his mate left. In time he knew he was dying and needed to find another caretaker to take his place. He couldn't abandon the Ocampa because another alien species, the Kazon, were waiting to pillage what little they had left.

Tom: The Caretaker had incredible technology, capable of transporting us across the galaxy. He found out we weren't compatible with his technology and couldn't be caretakers so he let us go. it was too late for him so, before he died he pumped energy into the Ocampan planet, hoping to sustasin them until it wore out or the Kazon destroyed them.

B'Elanna: Unfortunately the Kazon attacked us at the same time. With the Caretaker dead, Captain Janeway felt it would be immoral to allow the Caretaker's technology to fall into Kazon hands and allow them to pillage Ocampa. She decided, on her own, to destroy the Caretaker arry.

ikeM'ay: But that was your only way back to your part of the galaxy!

B'Elanna: Exactly. Captain Janeway stranded us here, rather than allow harmful technology to fall into the wrong hands.

ikeM'ay: I'm confused. Maybe it's beause I'm a different species. Still, this is facinating. Tell me about this holodeck of yours. Can it project any room?

Harry: It can project more than just rooms. Any environment can be presented here. This is a recreation and instructional tool. We use this for relaxation as well as simulation. Whole holodramas have been written for entertainment purposes only.

ikeM'ay: Really? What kind of holodramas?

Later, after everyone retires for the night, ikeM'ay and erryT'ay discuss what they have learned.

erryT'ay: What were you able to learn? Do you think this crew will help us restore the Monarchy?

ikeM'ay: Unknown. There is a group of people here called the Maqui who could sympathise with our plight. Actually they are similar to the ilk of unchCr'ay and his crew. They withdrew from their government over some territorial dispute with a neighboring species and began waging a terrorist war against both sides.

erryT'ay: Hmm...interesting. What I have discovered is this Captain Janeway is rather tyrannical in her rulings. She forced that Borg woman to become a human, rather than return her to her species.

ikeM'ay: Borg woman?

erryT'ay: Yes, the ugly one in the grey outfit. Hideous clothing, all tight and all.

ikeM'ay: Oh, the ugly lumpy one with the fake parts. Yes, I know who you mean. She impressed her into service on this ship?

erryT'ay: Yes.

ikeM'ay: I can't say I'm suprised. She is the whole reason these people are lost in this part of the galaxy.

erryT'ay: What do you mean?

ikeM'ay: Some alien creature was responsible for bringing them here. When it died, Captain Janeway destroyed it's technology instead of it falling into the hands of another alien species.

erryT'ay: She did this? Her people could be home now?

ikeM'ay: That's right. She didn't want these Kazon people to have this technology.

erryT'ay: So she decided, on her own, who should or shouldn't have this technology. She wasn't the caretaker, was she?

ikeM'ay: No, she was too incompatabe to be caretaker.

erryT'ay: It wasn't her buisness, then, to control this technology. She felt it would be better to destory the technology then to lose control of it after she returned her ship to the proper part of the galaxy.

ikeM'ay: She isn't a benevolent monarch. She doesn't rule with the good of her people in mind. She decides to make people serve her by force instead of returning them to their own people. If she cannot control the outcome of the situation, she destroys whatever is in her way, no matter if it hurts her own people. Captain Janeway isn't someone to cross.

erryT'ay: We won't get any help from her and she rules this crew with an iron fist, no doubt. We need another alternative.

ikeM'ay: There may be another way.

erryT'ay: What do you mean?

ikeM'ay: Mr. Paris and Mr. Kim helped me with some holodeck programs. I told them I would like to learn more of their culture by observing their stories. there are a coulple of stories that could help us. That is, if we decide to take matters into our own hands. Come with me to the holodeck and we'll observe these programs.

erryT'ay: Tell me more about them. How can they help us?

ikeM'ay: The first story is about a cook on a ship similar to this one and how he single-handedly defeats a numerically superior force of invaders.

erryT'ay: And the other one?

ikeM'ay: The other one is called "Worse Case Scenerio..."

acyTr'ay rings the chime to Captain Kathryn Janeway's quarters

Janeway: Come in. Oh, acyTr'ay, what a pleasant suprise.

acyTr'ay: I hope I'm not interrupting you. I know it's late.

Janeway: No, not at all. I hope you are finding your stay here a pleasant one. What can I do for you?

acyTr'ay: You have been most kind. I appreciate all you have shown me and my advisors. In fact, it is because of my advisors that I wish to speak to you. We are wondering what will become of us. They would like to know if there is any way we could hasten our return home...

In the guest quarters of acyTr'ay, ikeM'ay and erryT'ay

erryT'ay: Ready?

ikeM'ay: I've gone over the plan so much that I could do it in my sleep.

erryT'ay: What we are about to do, we do for the sake of the Monarchy. Get in position, I'll ask our two "escorts" to step inside.

erryT'ay opens the door to the guest quarters.

erryT'ay: Hey out there, do you think you could give us a hand in here?

Stepping in.

Jim C: Yes? how can we...

Vikie: What? Jim? What's going...

The two security guards barely feel the prick fo the darts expelled from the needler guns fired by ikeM'ay and erryT'ay. The anesthetic quickly takes affect and the guards are unconscious in moments.

erryT'ay: Quickly, place them on the beds. Now, here is a phaser and comm badge for you and me.

ikeM'ay: I've disabled the comm panel in the quarters and the lock is set. With luck they shouldn't be able to alert anyone for quite some time.

ikeM'ay activates and disables the door lock and the two bodyguards leave the quarters, easing down the corridor.

erryT'ay: Now, the jefferies tube accesss should be right here.

Engineering during third shift watch is an empty, almost deserted place. Lt. Ginny is reciving cross training on life support system repair from Lt. 8472.

8472: No, no, no. That configuration will pump too nitrogen into the aeroponics bay. Neelix's supply of leola root will be ruined.

Ginny: Right. I don't see the problem.

8472: I happen to like leola root, it reminds me of the tubers my mother used to make when I was a baby.

Ginny: You're not from Earth, are you?

8472: Very funny. Now, can you please reroute the nitrogen flow so the aeroponics bay won't be flooded?

Ginny: Well, I suppose. Wait, what's that sound?

8472: I don't know. When you spend too much time down here alone on third shift, you begin to hear lots of strange sounds. Wait, there it is again...

Ginny: It's comming from the jefferies tube access. Its opening. What is going...

The access panel pops off and erryT'ay and ikeM'ay come out firing. Ginny and 8472 are quickly stunned and fall to the deck

erryT'ay: Hey man, nice shot.

ikeM'ay: Thanks. Now, I'll seal off the deck while you evacuate the crew.

On the bridge

Brynn: Lt., I'm detecting phaser fire in Engineering.

Peter: Lt. Peter to Engineering. Peter to Engineering. Engineering, please respond. Nothing. Brynn, get the Captain and Mr. Tuvok.

Janeway's quarters

Janeway: So, you see, we make it our policy not to interfere with the internal workings of another people. We have to fight the urge to step in for fear of becoming ruthless overlords manipulating the galaxy.

acyTr'ay: I understand captain. My advisors wanted me to approach you on this. They feel I need to return home right away. I'm the last surviving member of the royal house. They think I should return and rally the Royalists to fight these rebels.

Janeway: And how do you feel?

Brynn: (on intercom) Captain Janeway to the bridge.

Janeway: This is Janeway.

Peter: Captain, we think we may have a security breach in Engineering. Mr. Tuvok and a security squad are on the way. We think it's two of those royal people we picked up.

Janeway: Princess acyTr'ay and I are on our way to the bridge. Janeway out.

Tuvok, B'Elanna and a squad of security guards wait for the turbolift to deliver them to the Engineering deck.

Tuvok: Your presence is really unnecessary Lt. Torres.

B'Elanna: Those are my people Tuvok. If there is trouble in my department, it's my business to be there.

Tuvok: As you wish.

The lift stops and the doors open. Thick clouds of gas billow in.

Tuvok: Anestazine gas. The whole deck is flooded. Everyone back in the turbolift. Tuvok to Janeway.

Janeway: Janeway here.

Tuvok: The entire Engineering deck is flooded with anestizine gas. We can't get through without clearing the air first.

Janeway: I understand. Return to the bridge and regroup.

On the bridge, the primary bridge staff have taken their duty posts. Standing next to Janeway is acyTr'ay.

acyTr'ay: I don't understand what has happened here captain. This is terrible. I can't apologize enough. I told them I would talk to you. I said I would find out if there was any way we could return home sooner. I didn't know they were planning this.

Janeway: I understand acyTr'ay and I don't hold you personally responsible. Right now, though, we still don't know their full intent.

Harry: errT'ay and ikeM'ay have beamed all of the lower deck crew members to sick bay. No one is injured. Lts. Ginny and 8472 are on their way to the bridge.

Tom: Captain, I've lost helm control. The ship is now being piloted from Engineering. We are on a heading back to the pocket system inside the Great Expanse.

The turbolift doors open. Tuvok, B'Elanna, Seven, Ginny and 8472 step onto the bridge.

Janeway: Report.

Ginny: We were caught completely flat-footed captain.

8472: They just popped out of the jefferies tube and started firing, like they knew what they were doing. Like they had practiced this.

Tuvok: It appears you are more correct than you think Lt. From what my staff tell me, ikeM'ay and erryT'ay have spent an inordinant amount of time on the holodeck, reviewing various action/combat oriented holonovels and especially the "Worst Case Scenerio" program.

Chakotay: "Worst Case Scenerio?" I thought you deleted that.

Tuvok: Apparently it was recreated.

Harry: This is my fault captain. They told me they wanted to study our entertainment, our culture. They said you can learn a lot about a people by how they entertain themselves.

Janeway: We can discuss blame later Harry. Right now we need to get them out of Engineering..

Seven: Captain, if you will turn your attention to this monitor. I belive the doctor and I have a plan to regain Engineering.

Holodoc: (On screen) Thank you. Captain, I believe I can modify Seven's nanoprobes so she can hold her breath for a longer period of time, probably up to 20 minutes or more. Long enough to gain access to Engineering.

Janeway: Make it so.

Engineering. ikeM'ay and erryT'ay are busy paying close attention to the various monitors and stations. With their attention intently fixed on flying Voyager, the fail to notice Seven enter Engineering until she is well inside.

erryT'ay: ikeM'ay, look out!

erryT'ay dives toward a console and activaes a series of buttons. ikeM'ay turnst in response to erryT'ay's warning but reacts too late. He goes down under the stunning force of Seven's phaser. Seven turns in time to see a force field go up arond erryT'ay.

erryT'ay: I've erected a force field that only I control. You can't stun me.

Seven: You are at a similar impass. You can no longer control this ship. I can wait you out. Surrender now and I'm sure the captain will be lenient.

erryT'ay: Wait. Hear me out. You, of all people, should empathise with our plight. After all, you were forcibly removed from your people by Captain Janeway and not allowed to return home.

Seven: Your facts are flawed but I will hear you out.

On the Bridge

Harry: Captain, it's Seven.

Janeway: On screen.

Seven: Captain, I have secured Engineering. You will have control back soon. Mr. erryT'ay has requested an audience with you and I told him you would listen.

Janeway: erryT'ay. What do you have to say for yourself?

erryT'ay's image grows larger on the viewscreen. In the background, ikeM'ay struggles to his feet, shaking off the effects of the stun. He is secured by Seven.

erryT'ay: First captain, let me assure you that our actions are our own. Her majesty had no part, no knowledge of our intent.

acyTr'ay: Why did you do this erryT'ay?

erryT'ay: We did this for you and the glory of the Monarchy. You will be a fair and wise regent when you are older but it is our job as advisors to help you until you gain that wisdom.

Janeway: How does taking over my ship bring glory to the Monarchy? I understand your plight but I fail to understand you actions. You could have found passage back at the world we were going to."

erryT'ay: I don't believe you understand. The realm is in a desperate time. The longer we delay, the stronger hold on the government those rebels get. If we delay our return, their may be no Royalists left. The Monarchy needs the regent ot rally behind. Besides, we know your history captain. We don't trust you.

Janeway: Don't trust me? What reason have I given you to warrent lack of trust? Just because I wouldn't interfere and help you fight your rebellion?

acyTr'ay: erryT'ay, I've discussed this with the captain. She explained to me how thier first law, their Prime Directive, is to not interfere with the development of a foreign culture. A very mature law.

erryT'ay: Yet she broke that sacred law. Janeway interfered when she rescued us.

Janeway: Yes, we rescued you. Your ship was about to be destroyed. All three of you would have been killed.

erryT'ay: Then you should have let us die. That is what would have happened if you hadn't interfered. Insteaed, you broke your law, rescued us and now have no intention of letting us return. Your past actions have shown that you kidnap others and impress them to serve you against their will.

Janeway: What do you mean? What past action. I don't force anyone to serve me.

erryT'ay: That's a lie! The evidence is right in front of me as we speak. I'm referring to this Borg Seven of Nine.

Janeway: That's a different story...

erryT'ay: Is it? How? Isn't it true that Seven used to be a Borg? She was happy to be a Borg and happy to help you fight some battle. After she helped you, you refused to return her to her fellow Borg. In fact, you forcibly operated on her to change her from a Borg.

acyTr'ay: Is that true?

Janeway: Not entirely. erryT'ay is putting a negative spin on those events.

Seven of Nine wasn't happy being a Borg. She wasn't unhappy being a Borg. She had no feelings, no emotion. Seven was a human who was abducted by the Borg when she was very young. They operated on her and implanted mechanical devices in her, stripping her of her humanity. They controlled her mind so she would blindly do their bidding in capturing other beings and turning them into Borg.

When she was on our ship and seperated from the collective she started to die. We couldn't return to the collective because they would have captured us and turned all of us into Borg. We couldn't leave her Borg because the implants were killing her. We restored her to her true human form and gave her life back to her. This is no different than resucing you own child from evil forces that captured, abusesd and brainwashed her. We have healed her and fought the brainwashing.

ikeM'ay: What about the reason why you are stranded here in this part of the galaxy. You interfered again. Your violation of your laws has caused you to strand your entire crew far from home.

Janeway: The Caretaker array that brought us here was under attack by Kazon. Had we allowed the array to fall into Kazon hands, an entire species known as the Ocampa would have perished. We couldn't allow that to happen.

ikeM'ay: So you interfered. Had you not brought here by this Caretaker, the Kazon would have won and eliminated these Ocampa. You interfered. You broke your own law.

acyTr'ay: But those Ocampa people would have died. Captain Janeway did the right thing in breaking her law.

erryT'ay: And yet she won't break her law to help us. Our cause is just as right, just as just. Our people are undergoing civil war. Millions of loyal Royalist must surely be dead now. Your own family was butchered by these rebels. Will Janeway break her law now? No! Now she hides behind her law. Who made her, who made this Federation the moral guardians of the galaxy?

Voyager shudders under the impact of weapons fire. Alarms blare throughout the ship.

Chakotay: This argument has just become meaningless. We've cleard the nebula and are now in the pocket system.

acyTr'ay:And under attack by the rebels. That is a assault scout with rebel markings.

Harry: Captain, we're being hailed.

acM'ay: This is acM'ay of the People's Ship Psi Phi. You are in violation of the People's space. Surrender yor vessel or be desteroyed.

Janeway: We are out of time erryT'ay. We need control of this ship. Release control back to my people or will be destoyed.

erryT'ay: Then I guess we die like we should have earlier. At any rate captain, we are in conrtol of our destiny, not you. How does it feel, now that the shoe is on the other foot?

Harry: Captain, another ship is approaching. It is firing on the smaller scout ship.

acyTr'ay: Must be a Royalist.

Seven: I may have a compromise to our situation captain. If erryT'ay would return control to us, we could beam these Royals onto the first Royal ship we find and then leave them to fight this out.

Janeway: I agree. Tom, as soon as you get control, keep dodging thse two ships. acyTr'ay, it looks like it's time to grow up.

acyTr'ay: So it does.

Janeway: Harry, hail the Royalist ship. acyTr'ay, it is time to address your people.

Harry: Channel open.

acyTr'ay: Attention Royal citizens. This is her Royal Highness, Empress acyTr'ay broadcasting from the alien starship Voyager. I have returned to lead all Royal citizens down the path of light. We will stop this foolish rebellion and work together toward the future. I request to assembel around this ship and await the transfer of my flag.

Harry: We're being hailed by the second ship.

Andy'ay: This is Andy'ay on board Her Majesty's Ship Prophecy. It is good to see you highness. We await the transfer of your royal presence.

acyTr'ay: Andy'ay! You're alive? I thought you were dead. I thought they poisioned you or shot you or something.

Andy'ay: The reports of my death have been greatly exagerated. It takes a little more than what they've given me to take me out. We had thought you were dead. We heard your transport was destroyed by unchCr'ay's ship. Have the alien vessel give us docking instructions.

acyTr'ay: No need. Hold position and we will beam over shortly. acyTr'ay out.

Voyager's transporter room. Assembled are ikeM'ay, erryT'ay, acyTr'ay, Tuvok and Janeway.

acyTr'ay: Thank you for all your help Captain Janeway. You are the most impressive being I have ever met, even if your skin coloring is too light and you have too much hair.

Janeway: You are welcome, acyTr'ay. I hope all goes well with you and you are able to restore peace to your people.

Tuvok: Live long and proper acyTr'ay. And you also erryT'ay and ikeM'ay.

Tuvok handles the transporter controls and the three beam to Andy'ay's ship.

Janeway: Bridge, get us out of here, best speed possible. Tuvok, was erryT'ay right? Do I follow the Prime Directive only when it suits me? Do I break it on a whim and hide behind it when the situation doesn't suit my liking?

Tuvok: Those are valid questions. Especially when viewed through the eyes of an outsider like erryT'ay. I would like to explore this thought further.

Janeway: So would I Tuvok, so would I...

The End