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Fan Fiction

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[Voyager City]


Last updated on 06 Feb 2005.
Vickie T's brainchild, a round robin based in an extremely alternate universe, in which the characters of Voyager and other familiar faces have been transplanted to the Old West. Range wars, shootouts, murder trials, bank robberies, cattle drives and more hidden pasts than you can shake a stick at.


[Pirates Of The Coffeebean]


See POTC website for details of last update.
A second board round robin, where Voyager heads for the ocean and gets all piratical.




Last updated on 06 Feb 2005.
Crew letters home, fairy tales, holonovels, alternate universes and other stories.




Last updated on 06 Feb 2005.
Episodes reinterpreted to music, and other song filks.




Last updated on 06 Feb 2005.
Various parodies of poems written by, well, actual poets, and some attempts at original poetry. And yes, that includes limericks.