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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Would Be Different If It Took Place In... Washington, DC

10.The AOTW are really Beltway bandits and each week we get to listen to their new multi-million dollar study they want to sell Voyager on how to get home faster, or get better weapons, or build better technology, etc... Per usual, the crew spends all their resources and gets very little in return.
9.The license plate on the back of Voyager has diplomatic tags -- thus explaining why the are not held acountable for the various ships they blow up.
8.They get to wear their civilian leisure suits to all the White House formal dinners (thus offending all the Tak Tak diplomats who have more taste).
7.Congress and the Senate fight over who will get to hold hearings on the Prime Directive violations. After 24 months of TV posturing, none of the allegations result in any actions. Captain Janeway writes a book and hits the talk-show circuit.
6.Funding for shuttle replacements takes another 4% budget cut. Tom runs a local service for the visiting politicians out of the holodeck. He recovers a considerable amount of funds for shuttle replacements.
5.Seven of Nine is promoted to Ambassador at Large and put on the Secretary of State's personal staff as her right arm Borg.
4.The Holodoc petitions the Congress for equal rights for sentient holograms. In a narrow victory, he can't be fired from a job but he can't get married.
3.B'Ellana calls the Ambassador from Iraq a P'tahq. The incident puts her on the cover of the latest Washington Post magazine titled: "I'm forthright, I speak my mind, I am not hostile!".
2.Chakotay is caught using the Hakoona with Mayor Marion Barry.
and the number one difference
1.Tuvok's brain explodes after observing 47 hours of Pentagon illogical operations.