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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Other Times A Voyager Crew Member Has Uttered The Fateful Words: "I Think I'm In Love"
Ruth -- 19 Oct 1999

10.Chakotay, the first time he saw a bottle of Ultra, Extreme, Supercalifragilisticexplialidocious, I Mean We're Talking the Total Absence of All Light, Black Miss Clairol for Men.
9.Seven of Nine, the first time she saw a pair of sneakers.
8.Harry, whose love is unfortunately unrequited, the first time he saw a Lieutenant's pips.
7.But don't worry, Harry consoles himself with another love, the Farrah Fawcett poster that 20th century collector boy, Tom, gave him when Paris started dating B'Elanna. "Man, she's hot! [giggle]"
6.Tom, the first time he saw the pizza that Neelix made for him, an exact recreation of one he had gotten at a Chicago bistro. However, the fact that he almost immediately gulped it down made some question the depth of his devotion.
5.Eric, the first time he dreamed about Seven and Kes squaring off in a bikini, mud wrestling match. Oops! Wrong TTL! That Belongs on the Top Ten Things That Make Eric Exclaim "I Think I'm in Love" list.
4.The Doctor, the first time he saw a mirror.
3.Tuvok, the first time he saw Tom Paris' antique Nintendo 64 game. It turns out the Vulcan is a Super Mario fool!
2.Janeway, the first time she spent an entire duty shift watching the way Tom's hair caresses the back of his neck.
 Okay, Tom is not an inanimate object, but Janeway certainly treats him that way, darn it.
1.B'Elanna, the first time she saw the huge, throbbing, pulsating power of the warp core.
 Okay, so there's also a reason why B'Elanna is the only woman on the ship who is having sex.