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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Roles In Voyager Christmas Nativity Pageant
Leonie -- 5 Dec 1998, 7:33 PM

1.Mary: B'Elanna (chuckle, giggle and snort! ooooh I can see this one....)
2.Joseph: Tom (Who else)
3.Baby Jesus: Harry (Hey, he's a big baby, or at least he was for the last four seasons)
Wise men
4.Tuvok (It is logical,) brining Murh or his incense
5.Neelix (It is not logical) bringing frankincense or his musky cologne
6.Chakotay (with graying hair) bringing gold
7.Seven. ("I am receiving a message on my Spirit-Space transceiver, you are to be a primary care giver and you will call your subunit.....)
Holy Spirit/God
Little drummer girl

11. Leonie