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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Guests On The New Neelix Springer Show
Maureen -- 17 Aug 1998, 5:46 PM

10.Joe Carey on the effects of being downsized in the Delta Quadrant
9.Red-shirted ensigns describe their fear of flying (with Chakotay)
8.Ayala is forced to deal with his selective mutism
7.Kathryn Janeway notes the effect of celibacy on command (and hair style) decisions
6.Ensign Kaplan has tips on dating the dead
5.Harry Kim explores the topic of men who physically fear their romantic partners
4.The doctor examines finding meaningful relationships through creative programming
3.Jenny and Megan Delaney as the siblings who share-and compare!
2.Chakotay is forced to confront the victims of his careless driving-err, flying
1.Tom Paris and his phobia of the week-claustrophobia, food fetishes, fear of commitment, guilt, unresolved father/son issues (Why don't they just rename his character "Sybil" and be done with it?)