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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Lines The Voyager Crew Would Use If They Landed On A Planet With A Singles Bar
Ruth -- 28 Jan 1998, 4:41 PM

10.Hi, my name's Kathryn. I don't like to brag, but I've been called Starfleet's female James T. Kirk.
9.Hi, I'm Tom. I can hold warp ten for hours and not even break into a sweat.
8.Hi, my name is B'Ellana. Want to see my bat'leth?
7.Hi, pretty lady, I'm Tuvok. Logic would dictate that I transport you to paradise.
6.Hello, I am Seven of Nine. (Like she'd have to say anything else)
5.Hello, I'm Kes, and if you find younger women appealing, you just hit the jackpot.
4.Hello, I am a Doctor. Want to see my Mercedes and my platinum card? (I figure he's been programmed by doctors here on earth)
3.Hi, I'm Harry. I used to play the clarinet in the Julliard Youth Symphony.
2.Neelix here, sweet thing. Please let me show you my leolah root of love.
1.The name's Chakotay, baby. It's a beautiful night -- want to go for a ride on my shuttle? (We'll just hope he doesn't crash and burn)