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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Injuries That Paris Hasn't Suffered ...Yet
Leonie -- 16 May 1997

10.Dislocated jaw for trying to initiate a mating bond with some other woman in front of Torres.
9.A migraine, from trying to win a logical argument with Tuvok.
8.Burns from Kes' pschycokenetic powers for choosing B'Elanna over her.
7.Broken Clavicle, Nuff said.
6.A Lobotomy (hold on, I'm not too sure about that one)
5.Apelike body mutations from travelling at warp 10 .... BACKWARDS.
4.Slipped disc in his spinal column from giving ensign Wildman's baby one too many piggie back rides.
3.Sprained ankle from mistakenly putting on Torres' high heel boots in the morning instead of his own.
2.Combined Diarrhea and constipation from Neelix's lunch special.
1."Rug Burn" from the friction created by the rubbing of his uniform with Janeway's when she stands next to him at Conn.