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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Twenty Signs That You Have Been Watching Too Much Voyager
Leonie -- 25 Apr 1997, 17:44 GMT

20.Just before you're about to deliver a counter agument in a debate you say "fire".
19.You are convinced that a person with dreadlocks is an ancient Kazon.
18.You begin to take a liking to Vulcan poetry.
17.You have a tattoo like Chakotay's.
16.You have a "Janeway Bun".
15.You know all 135 verses of the tale of enlightenment that Tuvok sang in "Innocence".
14.You walk into a gun and tackle shop and order a "compression phaser rifle".
13.You are planning your wedding to (choose any one or more of the following.)
(i) Janeway
(ii) Chakotay
(iii) Paris
(iv) Kim
(v) Kes
(vi) The EMH
(vii) Neelix
(viii) Tuvok
(ix) B'Ellanna
(x) Ayala
12.Every wednesday night you arrange for a surrogate husband to go to your wife's Lamaze class.
11.You find a Kingon Romance book and begin reading.
10.You decide that the Vulcan Eyebrows will be the next fashion craze and you shave your eyebrows to match.
9.You change your hairstyle more than your type of clothes.
8.You say "Chakotay take the helmn" when you want your husband to drive.
7."O- Kayy" seems to creep up more and more in your speech.
6.Your favorite pick up line is " Hi, I'm a closet Vulcan undergoing Ponn Farr, would you like to initate a mating bond with me?"
5.You attach a ziplock bag with "Berry Blue" Jello in your computer in order that it would "organize information more efficiently and speed up responce time" in your hard drive.
4.You watch re-runs of Voyager episodes at least once......... a day.
3.You are a member of this discussion board.
2.You have a post in every thread.
1.You think anyone of these posts is a good idea.