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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Excuses On The Good Ship Voyager
Ginny -- 25 Apr 1997, 14:27 GMT

(This is my last one, or I'm gonna lose my job.)

10.I ran out of replicator credits.
9.I was distracted by Kathryn's/Kes'/B'Elanna's hair.
8.I'm an ensign with a speaking part; I had a will to draft.
7.I was doing a shuttlecraft inventory.
6.Ayala didn't say anything about it.
5.Wait a minute--I thought we were in the alternative timeline.
4.I was looking for Ensign Wildman and the baby.
3.An alien-possessed holocharacter trapped me on the holodeck.
2.Someone ate the gel pack.
1.Tom kidnapped the Captain again.