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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Steps To Promotion On Voyager
Leonie -- 24 Apr 1997, 15:50 GMT

10.Arrange for your superior officer to accompany Tuvok in a shuttle.
9.Arrange for your superior officer to accompany Chakotay in a shuttle.
8.Set a lieutenant up as a maquis spy to the Teresians. (It should not be too hard)
7.Replace the synthenol with alcohol in the drinks of the away team.
6.Get someone demoted from ensign into crewman.
5.Tell the captain you've discovered a spatial anomaly that may have enough energy for her to be able to have coffee whenever she felt like it.
4.Ask Neelix to make a new dish for your commanding officers birthday.
3.Replicate a shuttle craft in your quarters and give it to a lieutenant.
2.Send a lieutenant to interrupt Paris and Torres in bed.
1.Dare your commanding officer to say to Janeway, "My compression phaser rifle is better than yours."