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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Neelix Becomes Security Chief
Leonie -- 24 Apr 1997, 15:40 GMT

10.Janeway placed all the unnamed security officers with Tuvok on a shuttle heading to an unnamed planet.
9.Neelix bothered Tuvok until he couldn't take anymore, lost it, and was reduced to the intellectual capacity of a five year old.
8.Neelix serenaded Janeway with a Reggae number.
7.Neelix removed his spots and replaced them with tattoos.
6.Neelix told the captain that he learnt how to make human dishes and that he really, REALLY wants to be chief of security.
5.Neelix began to have a relationship with Janeway.
4.He told the captain that he knows a planet where the only vegetation is coffee trees and he could remember the location if he was made security chief.
3.Neelix exposed Tuvok to cronoton radiation.
2.Tuvok played a practical joke on the Captain by replacing her coffee with colored water and was demoted to ensign and ordered not to speak for the entire journey.
1.Tuvok p-ss-d B'Elanna off and she dislocated more than his jaw and he is unable to stand erect again.