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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Chakotay's Been Wanting To Do For The Past Three Years
Marie -- 23 Apr 1997, 05:31 GMT

In no particular order--

10.Spend an evening at Sandrine's bar watching Janeway, dressed in a low-cut backless dress, as she sings "Sweet, Sweet Medicine Man"
9.Tell Janeway "I'm right; you're wrong."
8.Tell Tuvok to where to go and what to do once he gets there.
7.Offer to give Janeway her own tatoo.
6.Watch Janeway and Riley mudwrestle.
5.Tell B'Elanna the angry warrior story and see if *she* will sleep with him.
4.Ask Janeway to play "Cowboys and Injuns" (My, don't you people have dirty minds! <g>)
3.Kick Q in the b#lls for trying to mate with Janeway.
(Trust me, Mike. Chakotay will figure out where they are.)
2.Kick Paris in the b*lls for actually *having* mated with her. Then demote him to ensign give him a shuttle for his birthday.
1.Position himself strategically on Janeway's bed, wearing only war paint, as he waits for her to come home from the bridge after a hard day's work.