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Carbon Creek

Best Enterprise ever!
Terry -- 25 Sep 2002, 21:39 EST

Of course, that's because it wasn't about Enterprise and had a minimum of Archer and a maximum of T'Pol and her "tall tale". T'Mir, T'Pol: as William Demerest said in The Lady Eve - "definitely the same dame!"

I wonder if we ever meet Mestral.

I sure hope we'll have that privilege.
Nina -- 25 Sep 2002, 22:36 EST

I would LOVE to meet him, in some future episode.

Ditto, Terry. Right now I can't think of anything to add, except that I snickered when I saw the proof of what I was already fairly sure must be true - that T'Pol wasn't telling them a tall tale, after all. She just decided to let them think so, when she realized how much they didn't want to believe her story.

Vulcans do have a sense of humor, Captain Sulu. You are so right about that. And T'Pol's is especially wicked, I think. :-)

LOL, Terry!
D'Alaire -- 26 Sep 2002, 08:34 EST

I was thinking about the same thing. I know this is the first one I mostly enjoyed since Dear Doctor, and though it lost my attention at times, I thought it was quirky and touching with a nice supporting cast.

But as you so nicely pointed out, it wasn't about Enterprise, bore very little Archer (no pun intended) and wasn't about anything on Enterprise, except perhaps T'Pol.

I do wish they'd kept us wondering at the end if T'Pol's story was true or not, and I could quibble about some of the Vulcan/PD/contamination issues--though I don't think the latter or the other small nits I have are really worth more than a mention. It was a nice little Little Green Men meets 11:59 yarn that almost makes me sorry we're going back to business as usual next week and after. (smirk)

Actually this was an ep that from the sound of it made me want to break my edict
david g -- 26 Sep 2002, 10:31 EST

...about not watching ENT anymore. maybe i will catch it on the rerun.

:agree:This one was a winner!...
Mike D -- 26 Sep 2002, 10:43 EST

I REALLY enjoyed last nights episode a lot. Once again T'Pol shined. The story was fun and the details showing cars and references from the 50s were excellent. I liked that one Vulcan that decided to stay on earth. This was one of my favorite Enterpris episodes yet. Imagine a Vulcan who sneaks off to go to a ball game on a date! Oh and that part with his liking 'I Love Lucy' was a pip, so was the Vulcan getting a kiss scene. And so much for that old saying "Vulcans never Lie". T'Pol's grandma had no problem lying to the High Command. She lied saying the Vulcan who stayed behind had died, in fact Vulcans have lied a lot on 'Enterprise'. BTW-T'Pol sure looks a lot like grandma! LOL Hmmmm...I wonder what that Vulcan they left behind did when he hit PonFar every seven years? There may have been some half vulcans running around way before 'First Contact' officially took place.

Good one.


Carbon Creek was great, except
Diane -- 26 Sep 2002, 12:50 EST

for my nits, i.e. living near Doylestown, PA, I know they never had a baseball team, nor is it near the coal mines. Gordy and I just eaked when Mestal said he had gone to see a baseball game there. BTW, Doylestown is a suburb of Philly. Now, if he had gone to Altoona or Reading (both have minor league teams and are near the coal minning areas) I would have bought it. Just my nits.

But, this was a well written and well acted show. Of course, one of my favoriote Trek character actors, J. Paul Broehmer (played One and the Nazi who was B'Elanna's lover) was a guest star. It was a good diversion from Enterprise. Like Terry said, maybe it was the lack of Archer. It was just good to see how Vulcans first interacted with Humans and their reactions. Also gave good insight into T'Pol's understanding of the human condition.


:agree: Carbon Creek
D -- 26 Sep 2002, 16:54 EST

Carbon Creek:

Enterprise's tribute to TOS - stealing clothes from a backyard line, trying to jury rig equipment, watch cap to hide the ears (City on the Edge of Forever); providing an "invention" (ST:IV) and "I Love Lucy" (TOS was a DesiLu Production).

T'Pol's family story may well explain her fascination with humans and general willingness to side with Archer & the Enterprise crew against the Vulcan High Command.

I'm sure some people will nitpick that this changes Trek history, but we've seen where future Federation personnel scan and hide on pre-warp planets to observe them; no reason the Vulcans couldn't have too. In fact if they'd periodically sent ships to monitor Earth their being in orbit just in time to make official First Contact seems a lot less coincidental. As for Trip's concern that someone would have found out the Vulcan who stayed behind was an alien when he died, chances are he was still alive when First Contact was made just over 100 years later.

Do you suppose
Nina -- 26 Sep 2002, 17:15 EST

he made contact of his own, with the early Vulcan missions to Earth (the official ones, that is!), and admitted what he had done? So he could go home, and share all that he'd learned about those fascinating humans? Or is his fate still a mystery to his own people?

Lots of fodder here for speculation. Which can equal fanfic. Hmmm.

Re: Do you suppose
D -- 26 Sep 2002, 18:44 EST

I thought of that, but T'Pol said no one knows what became of him. Of course its quite possible that there is an official, classified report. Once the Vulcans made official contact it would have been "logical" for him to report in.

Writing "logical" just now reminded me of another TOSism I noticed last night - at some point T'Pol's great grandmother says something is "facinating".

%$#@ jet lag
Vickie -- 27 Sep 2002, 21:29 EST

I was excited about Enterprise this week because I was in Portland, OR on business and the hotel cable system did carry UPN, so I knew I would have no problem catching this episode.

Unfortunately, my eastern daylight savings time body had other opinions. The last time I remember looking at the clock pre-Enterprise was 7:40 pm. I was sound asleep before Enterprise ever hit the airwaves. :-(



Re: Best Enterprise ever! :agree: :agree; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mindy -- 28 Sep 2002, 13:53 EST

Sorry I'm late, guys, it's just been an incredibly hectic week.

Jolene was superb. In fact, the whole cast was just wonderful, especialy Mestra and the kid!

Loved the (ironic) references to ST lore...stealing clothes off the clothesline and the watch cap (CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER), Jolene's "Fascinating," the issue of interfering with a culture, and especially...someone else pointed it out above)...the reference to I LOVE LUCY, a Desilu production...ST was originally produced by Desilu....

Loved the introduction of velcro...

Who cares if it plays with "continuity?" When it's done well, it just adds to the myth, y'know?


Still no UPN in my neighborhood... :rolleyes:
Deb47 -- 29 Sep 2002, 19:52 EST

So I read Sam T Cogley's review.

My favorite line is...

Snip..."In honor of Lucy, this old man is going to go drown his sorrows in some Vitameatavegimin." ...Paste.

Well, any thoughts on Sam's questions re: why the purse "came out of the micorwave"?

As for his mention of T'pol's age, how was that presented in the episode? I recall an ep last year when the Vulcan ambassador revealed to Archer during dinner that she AND T'Pol were undoubtably the oldest people on the ship.



Malcom -- 29 Sep 2002, 21:48 EST

Wow! I just might have to start watching this show again if they are so sophisticated as to mention that!

I finally saw Carbon Creek on Saturday.
G'Inny -- 30 Sep 2002, 10:52 EST

I enjoyed it very much, although I don't think it was ENT's best episode ever, by a long shot. ( Unexpected and Cold Front are both better/more entertaining, IMHO). Still, the tribute to City on the Edge of Forever and Desilu (I wouldn't have initially picked up on that--thanks, D) was gratifying, and Jolene just gets better and better at playing T'Pol. The way she "handles" Trip and John at dinner was a delight to behold. TPTB, I want more of that dynamic, thank you very much.

This second season is showing some real promise.

Isn't T'Pol supposed to be around 67 years old?
G'Inny -- 30 Sep 2002, 10:54 EST

And still a mere slip of a girl by Vulcan reckoning? 8)