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Shockwave: 2

Re: ENT: Shockwave, Part II :D :agree: :agree: !!!!!! For me, it ROCKED!!!!!
Mindy -- 18 Sep 2002, 21:38 EST

Okay, this is my first impression, off the cuff, gut reaction, but I LOVED IT!!!!!

Oops, one small quibble now that I've had a chance to think...we should have seen some of the crew (other than the bridge officers, I mean.) It would have been nice to at least have seen Ensign Cutler. It did seem that the whole ship's complement was made up of our regulars! (However, at least they did mention crewmen in the dialogue!)


I liked it despite a weak plot.
Terry -- 18 Sep 2002, 22:01 EST

I'm of two minds on T'Pol and the other Vulcans. They don't act very Vulcan; they're not very logical and more emotional than the humans they interact with. OTOH, I like T'Pol character in general and in this episode in particular. Screw past continuity; an completely emotionless Vulcan is almost always boring anyway. Only Nimoy could pull off that difficult acting trick. And Spock was half-human.

And T'Pol is a hottie in that T. 8-)

The plot - yech. More of the same. Archer and the Enterprise pull off the impossible by following Daniels' instructions to the letter. It's boring to watch these "heroes" never have to think for themselves.

I guess the clever plan was get Reed captured so Silik would use the device to bring Archer back so Archer could capture Silik and hold him hostage and let everyone go and .... Somewhat implausible. What if Silik didn't push the right buttons?

Thought Archer's speech at the end very boring. Gazelles - snort! Liked T'Pol's much better. But that Vulcan ambassador! I think the Klingon diplomatic corps would boot him out for being overly snide and irritable.

I know I'm getting old when I see the space battle with all the cool special FX and I just think, "Bored now - get back to the characters."

So what did I like? The characters are growing on me. When Reed and Trip aren't acting stupid together, they're good characters. And Hoshi and T'Pol are always good. Archer? Actually, I was pretty neutral on him but I thought his interaction with T'Pol was good.

BTW, I take it that removing Archer so changed the future that even Silik's mentor no longer existed.

:agree: Shockwave II kicked some Trek butt! :D
Eric -- 18 Sep 2002, 22:46 EST

Notice : This was written on the much harsher Slipstream board. :eek:

Once again, color me surprised by the fan reaction. I LOVED this episode! Yes it's not Farscape, but i don't WANT Enterprise to be Farscape, i want it to be a great ENTERPRISE episode, and Shockwave 2 was great Enterprise! ______________________________

SPOILERS that think Silik is a ugly bastard!











So now that we have Archer mashing weapons in Silik's face, doing flying kicks and taking hostages can we FINALY stop calling him a weak Captain?

I think the fans were heard by TPTB and they have responded. I liked old Archer well enough but i like this new take charge Archer also. It goes well with the speech at the end about growing up.

I don't agree at ALL with Sci-Fi's review about it being "to easy" they had to solve the problem and they did it every well i think. Although i do agree that the Enterprise stuff was better.

The whole ploy to get the device to the Suliban was done VERY well and at first i was thinking it was a bomb, nice to see it was a Portal home for Archer.

And then to get the proof home to Earth and to be told that they were shutting down the mission THAT was the real kicker to me. THAT proves that they ARE thinking about this shows "big picture". And that is a good thing IMHO.

So, to all you Enterprise playa-haters out there :


This was one GREAT hour of TV.


Re: Character interaction
Mindy -- 18 Sep 2002, 23:21 EST

I thought Bakula showed definite growth as Archer, Terry. He seemed more sure of himself, and allowed his humanity to show through as well (I agree with you about his interaction with T'Pol...I especially liked the epilogue in T'Pol's cabin, beginning with the "I think-didn't catch the name of the crewman-saw me coming in here (the unfinished part of his sentence being: "in my jammies." :) ) and finishing with "The hell you don't." The gazelle "infant" vs. a human infant comparison was original, although yes, it might be considered, to paraphrase the Vulcan Amabassaor, a little too colorful :) , but it did work for me.

As for the rest of our bridge crew: well, Linda Parks did her usual superb job (loved that she lost her t-shirt, even if it might be considered gratuitous). Keating as Reed continues to gain depth; having a senior moment and can't remember his name but Trip was also fine; and even Mayweather added some punch to his lines! And though Billingsly had little to do as Phlox, I did like his small interaction with Parks.

Perhaps we could have seen a bit more of Daniels and Archer working/sweating it out in the 31st century, but I really don't care...I loved seeing our other regulars interacting so well instead!

Hope this premiere bodes well for the season!

Next week certainly appears intriguing to me.


P.S.: Isn't the guy who plays the Vulcan Ambassador the guy who played the lead "Terran" cop in Alien Nation? I always liked him.


Shockwave, Part II; Basics, Part III
Vicki :) -- 18 Sep 2002, 23:29 EST

For some reason, Shockwave Pt. II kept reminding me of VOY's Basics. A quick shot of Trip on the bridge surrounded by Suliban reminded me of Kazon and of Paris being helped by the Talaxians. Seeing Archer and Daniels puttering around in the dismal future made me think of Chakotay cutting Janeway's hair to start a fire. I don't think one episode had to do with the other, but for whatever reason I was having Voyager flashbacks. :)

Old memories aside, however, I did enjoy the second season premiere (Enterprise's, that is :P). I watch Trek for good fun and that's what this episode gave me.

I wasn't much of an Archer fan last season. I loved Bakula in Quantum Leap but I've been finding it difficult to reconcile him to a strong Starfleet captain. However, he grew on me a lot in this episode. I *loved* his interaction with T'Pol at the end, and - amazingly enough for me - not in any sort of 'shipper' sense. I'd like to see those two develop a very deep, steadfast friendship. Plus T'Pol's comment that "Ensign-??? is very discreet" was a hoot.

Vicki :)

*sniff* Is there anyone else who can't see ENTERPRISE...
SuzyQ -- 19 Sep 2002, 00:28 EST

...on Wednesday nights? I won't be able to get any UPN shows until the weekend because we don't have a UPN station in central Iowa. All of their shows air on our local WB on Saturday. (Yup, even BUFFY. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!)

Thank the tv gods that FIREFLY and BIRDS OF PREY will be on FOX and the WB, respectively.


Re: *sniff* Is there anyone else who can't see ENTERPRISE...
Tim Holden -- 19 Sep 2002, 02:25 EST

If its any consolation I am only up to Dear Doctor in season 1. :) They have also shifted Enterprise from its Wednesday slot to a very variable time slot on Sunday when I can never watch it! If my VCR misses it I am stuffed! :(

Good to see you around SuzyQ. Hope all is well with you and yours!


They're not trying to appeal to me.
Malcom -- 19 Sep 2002, 07:59 EST

While Archer's last speech was an improvement over last year, he's still lacking the drive and charisma I associate with good leadership.

And every time I walked into the room it seemed like the female cast members were scantily clad. And now we have a naked, claustrophobic Hoshi? I thought we got past Hoshi as frightened whiner last year. Evidently not. What a disappointment.

Channel 4 repeat Enterprise on Saturdays
Jules -- 19 Sep 2002, 08:35 EST

It's probably still variable in its start time, but it's airing immediately before Alias, at 4.30pm or so.

Mind you, if you really want a challenge following a show all around the schedule, you haven't lived until you've tried taping Highlander off Sky One. When it occasionally pops up - generally one season at a time with long gaps in between them - it airs five nights a week, at a different time every night. And the following week it'll probably be at different times from the same day the previous week, so you can't set the video recorder to manage it for you at all. The 1am graveyard shift at Sky is all over the place. :rolleyes:

But hey, the season in question (six) has three Methos episodes, so I'm planning to at least try to get those on tape. :-D

I can't, Tim :-(
Vickie -- 19 Sep 2002, 08:48 EST

My Jacksonville UPN station and the Gainesville WB station that used to show the UPN biggies, like Trek and Buffy, at odd hours have both become CBS stations. And, UPN has gone digital so I can't get it on my satellite dish anymore. And, there is no longer any UPN station available, even if you're willing to pay for it, on C-band satellite. My last hope was the wild feed to Canada on Tuesday evening at 5 pm, which I could pick up on satellite, but it seems to have disappeared, as well.

Do you all feel sorry for me? :-)


Vicki, I thought the same thing
Diane -- 19 Sep 2002, 09:19 EST

All I kept thinking is this is a rehash of Basics--Bad bully aliens take over ship. However, I didn't seem to enjoy this episode as much as you did. I didn't find it that entertaiing. In fact, I found it quite lame. The only redemption was T'Pol, her character just keeps growing on me. In fact, after last night she is my favorite Enterprise character.


Shockwave II--bland & lame, and a strong T'Pol
Diane -- 19 Sep 2002, 09:33 EST

I just thought the story could have been so much better. To me the story just went along. It was a rehash of Basics, all we saw was the reincarnation of the Kazon--yek. If they had spent some more time on how Archer and Daniels figures out how to return Archer to his time, maybe the show would have had some more umph! It just left me blah.

What I did like was T'Pol. She has become my favorite Enterprise character. Blalock has really grown this character. Her delivery of the last speech just nailed it for me, along with her conversation with Archer in the last scene.


A couple of quick comments - all I can manage today! :-)
Nina -- 19 Sep 2002, 10:01 EST

I would love to show that hard copy library to some of the imaging evangelists (archivists among them, at times) who want me to believe that there's no need, ever, to keep human-readable copies of historically valuable documents. I love the digital age. I collect royalties on eBooks, yes I do. But there's a reason why the FERC (Federal Energy Regulation Commission) folks require utilities to have hard copy maps available...and it's that computers are not always available after disaster has paid a visit.

With that professional observation made (all too gleefully), I like Blalock's T'Pol more with every episode. Mindy, I agree with you about that closing scene. It had just the right touch, for both characters.

This will never be my favorite Trek, but it's growing on me. I'm glad I taped last night; I want to watch it again tonight. :-)

I sure someone will be able to send you a tape.
Tim Holden -- 19 Sep 2002, 10:52 EST

The nebulas bootleg tape network kept me more or less up to date with Voyager for nearly 2 years! :)

After watching a few episodes of trek on US TV I was appalled by the reception on Local UPN stations. I will never complain about the slighly poor reception I get over here.


I, for one, have always liked T'Pol.
G'Inny -- 19 Sep 2002, 11:13 EST

Jolene has improved steadily in her performance, and T'Pol is just plain interesting. I really liked the way she played the physicality of the aftermath of being tortured and interrogated and her disorientation when Archer's image appears.

It was so nice to see Trip and Malcolm acting like grown-up officers for a change. I had no idea that Malcolm's capture was a set-up, until the reveal.

Storyline, schmoryline. Frankly, I only half-followed the storyline, and I'm still not sure it makes sense. Doesn't matter. The characters were well-served by the dialogue and interactions. More of that this season (and some good Trip/T'Pol scenes), and I will be a happy Trekkie camper.

Archer was extremely well-served by the writing this ep. His conversation with T'Pol at the end was a standout, and his snarking at Daniels about the device he built in high school was pretty funny. (I really liked Daniels in those scenes, and I haven't before.) Plus, I thought Trip's very physical reaction to learning that John was safe was a nice touch. Trip's just a big ol' barrel of well-meaning emotion, but he really needs to watch those inappropriate outbursts at superior officers and diplomats. He's gonna get busted down to ensign, if he isn't careful.

I wouldn't mind watching this one again, and that's saying something.

Re: :tv: ENT: Shockwave, Part II Discussion Thread (NIM)
D -- 19 Sep 2002, 11:16 EST

Not bad as cliffhanger endings go. I liked the fact that it took the whole senior staff to resolve this; that it wasn't a "Captain saves the Ship" episode.

From the altered 31st Century and Daniel's references to the Fereration it seems the assumption many of us have made that what happens over Enterprise's run will lead to the establishment of the Federation is correct. Archer reading "The Romulan Star Empire" as the title of a book - foreshadowing the Romulan War happening during his mission? I still wonder what city that's supposed to be. Too flat to be San Francisco, and the library looks generally like any number of grand public buildings.

Good for T'Pol defending Archer & pointing out Vulcan shortcomings. She obviously doesn't like Ambassador Sovol and she's been miffed with her government since the temple incident. Plus its in her best interest to have Enterprise's mission continue; she'd probably be assigned to the Vulcan equivalent of the Azores if she left Enterprise.

I guess we now know why subsequent ships have Jeffries tubes.

BTW, has anyone ever noticed how colorless ENT is?
Terry -- 19 Sep 2002, 13:42 EST

I mean visually. There were times last night where the show looked like it was shot in black-and-white. All dark browns and blue-grays and such. The show looks drab and dull.

There are maximum security prisons in depressing totalitarian regimes with more style and flamboyance. But on the up-side, I guess it hides the dirt and the dark clothes make everyone look thinner. :-|

I guess bright colors weren't invented until Archer single-handedly constructed the Federation.

snarf! I guess so, Terry. :P (NIM)
D'Alaire -- 19 Sep 2002, 14:41 EST

Waiting to get home before trying to pur together a single thought about ShII.

Jules -- 19 Sep 2002, 15:18 EST

Guess that nobody found the light switch between Voyager ending and Enterprise beginning, did they? More's the pity...

Clearly only the 23rd century (and TOS) really liked bright colours. Both Voyager and DS9 spent a lot of their time in grey mode, and Next Gen's favourite colour seemed to be beige. ;-)

Re: :agree: Shockwave II kicked some Trek butt! :D
Sherry -- 19 Sep 2002, 22:02 EST

And you didn't even comment on Hoshi's appearance!? :eek:

I got home late, so I missed a good bit of the episode. I'll have to watch it on Saturday night. But I liked Hoshi's creeping through the tunnels to get that piece of tech.

T'Pal's pretending to be suffering from something (?) to trap the two Suliban was good, too. This is not a show that treats the women characters as nothing but part of the decor.

The Washington Post said this morning...
Malcom -- 20 Sep 2002, 10:20 EST

"Among female teenagers, Nielson reports that the season-opener of "Enterprise" scored a big fat hatch mark, as in so small it doesn't register on Nielson's radar."