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Fortunate Son

:tv: Enterprise : Fortunate Son Thread
Eric -- 22 Nov 2001, 04:51 GMT

I didn't see any thread so i will post this here! Jules feel free to move this if i screwed up! :)

Well, i didn't like this weeks episode, i lOVED it! Very well done.

First of all i have to say once again Foundation Imaging RULES!

The Fortune looked AMAZING! Both inside and out this ship looked great. I like how they are continuing to try to being Star Trek down out of the clouds. Having the two frighter crew tossing the football was a very nice touch.

Another nice touch was allowing Mayweather a chance to do something. While i would not call him a show stealer he did do some nice work. However, once again Reed makes mountains out of the few crumbs they toss him!

Damnit i want a REED show!!! Come on this guy could really shine if they would only let him!

The Nausicans were used very well and i hope they return in the future. Although once again we see a race with shields! One begins to wonder how much the Vulcans are responsible for not having the Earth overrun! There is no way we could have protected ourselves if we had been invaded!

Maybe the Earth owes the Vulcans more then we know! I think after how many powerful ships he has seen Archer should write a big Thank You note to the Vulcans!

Plus i really love the pace of Enterprise. Much better then Voyager's which left everything to the last minute. While they don't have time to do a full coda like Farscape they don't have Voyager's abrupt endings either. And they always seem to have time for a small chat in the middle. Whether it's a Captain's table or in this case Mayweather and the Boomer.

The cargo hold gunfight was very nicely staged and short and sweet. Although i have to say why waste time with a shuttle pod? Why not use the transporter? It was a controled enviroment so it would have been a great timesaver.

Other then that i think the rest of the episode went VERY well. I'm finaly starting to get used to Archer's command style. I like how he tries to keep a open door for the crew. He is still a little laid back but i think i understand why....

It seems here in the 22nd century Starfleet is just exploration! I was very surprised when we found out that Starfleet has no authority on cargo ships!

At first i was shocked makes sense. This Enterprise is a pure exploration ship. Starfleet seems to have no military/political function at this point. I like that, and it explains why Archer is so laid back, very nonmilitary.

However, i think that is changing. We have heard that Enterprise will soon have sister ships and there will soon be a fleet. With the Romulan war coming this will be a needed thing and will probebly turn Starfleet into the military force we know from TOS and beyond.

I like it, i like it a LOT!


I didn't see it yet.
TKS -- 22 Nov 2001, 12:05 GMT

Tell me did we get to see Snoopy at all in this episode. I know it's not the beagle's name, but I can't help myself. I so look forward for such mundane tidbits. So much for enjoyment of plots, or expert critiques.

I shall try to catch the rerun this weekend.

I need my Snoopy fix. :-D


Sure enough, there he was!
Sherry -- 22 Nov 2001, 12:53 GMT

It was a brief appearance, so you've got to watch closely. I can't remember exactly at what point he appeared, but it was relatively early, in Archer's cabin. And the Captain was talking to him, of course. :D


I assume it's just Thanksgiving
Jules -- 22 Nov 2001, 13:01 GMT

And that people are away or not in the vicinity of their computers as much this week. (If it's server/board problems instead, let me know folks, but I'm not seeing any problems when I'm trying to access it myself... just that it's kind of quiet these last few days. ;-))

And happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, by the way. Give those turkeys my best wishes... I'll be switching to turkey consumer mode myself at Christmas.

I agree, Eric: Give Reed his episode now! Much as I admire the way he makes more of a background role than is actually written into it, I'd dearly love to see how he handled centre stage.

My early suspicion, based on what I'd heard up front and the first few episodes, was that Starfleet at this time was more about exploration than the military. It's really more NASA than the navy. The Federation doesn't exist yet, so it doesn't need a fleet of ships. I'm wondering if that part of Starfleet's function only came along once the Federation had been formed... or whether, in the old chicken and egg scenario, the Federation came into being precisely because a military space fleet was needed.

Right now though, Enterprise is a ship of exploration. What armaments Enterprise has are probably more due to the fact that it's a big universe out there, and that they know there are other races out there, some of whom will shoot first and make first contact afterwards. Their weaponry is pretty puny by comparison with a lot of the other races, so it's not unreasonable to think that it's there primarily in a defensive capacity.

I'd hazard a guess though that if that war with the Romulans does take place during the run of this series, we're going to see some pretty rapid advances in weaponry and shield technology taking place.

And I kind of like Archer's non military style. And I even understand why he's a bit of a grump, even if it's not the most attractive of qualities. :rolleyes: Right now, he's captaining a prototype ship, and Starfleet really does need someone in command of it who is familiar with the quirks of its design and engineering, and who is an explorer by temperament. The son of its warp engine's designer wasn't given the job out of nepotism, but because he'd grown up living and breathing that ship and was the best person to put in charge of it during its testing phase. Later on, Starfleet may need captains with other qualifications (and they'll probably get the next ships that roll off the production line), but right now Archer is a useful person to have in charge of the first true long range ship.

He just needs to wise up a little on some of the sensible pre-first contact precautions, that's all. ;-)


Captain's log, stardate... whatever. I'm talking to my dog again. :-)
Jules -- 22 Nov 2001, 13:03 GMT

I've read comments by the cast that the scenes with Porthos are incredibly difficult because the dog just won't do what they want him to... but he is adorable, and I'm always happy to see him show up.


LOL about the dog
Vickie -- 22 Nov 2001, 20:42 GMT

I'm not at all surprised to hear that the dog just won't do what they want him to. I had a beagle when I was a kid and she was sweet and adorable. She was also an independent-minded little snot who specialized in looking you right in the eye before disobeying, just to make absolutely sure you understood that she did know waht you wanted, she just wasn't going to do it. :-)

Most hounds are that way, I think, because they're bred to hunt pretty independently.


Well I'm at home for Thanksgiving...
Vickie -- 22 Nov 2001, 20:55 GMT

...and while dinner is in the oven, I thought I'd drop by and see what people thought about Fortunate Son.

Like Eric, I thought this episode was excellent. I also liked Archer more than I have in any previous episode. I did think the Mayweather/Boomer scene was a little overacted. (Dare I say Shatneresque? :-))

As an aside, speaking of Shatner...did anyone else catch the commercial for the Star Trek episode of The Weakest Link with Shatner hugging Ann Robinson? Very funny.

I've got to go tend to my potatoes. I'll be back with more later.


More on Fortunate Son
Vickie -- 23 Nov 2001, 00:07 GMT

Once again, this episode brings home the point that this Starfleet business is all brand new stuff. There is no precedent, no policy, no tradition upon which to base decisions.

Last week, the crew's excitement about visiting a new civilization really reminded me of people today getting ready to embark on a tour to some exotic foreign country. This week, the interactions with the freighter crew were reminiscent of the Texas Ranger riding into previously ungoverned territory.

The PTB are doing a good job, IMO, of capturing the novelty of Earth's first serious foray outside its own solar system.

I agree, BTW, with whoever said that at this point, Starfleet seems to be much more like NASA than like a true military organization.


Finally got to see this tonight (I actually remembered to set the VCR to tape it Wednesday)
D -- 25 Nov 2001, 03:11 GMT

Its about time they ran into some other humans - they're not all that far from Earth and I got the impression from Maywether in the first episode that there are a lot of freighters poking around the Quadrant. With faster ships and subspace relays being deployed (nice touch, having Enterprise set them as they go further) space will be getting more and more crowded.

Anyone else see an analogy to the Wagon Train era - independent people (trappers & traders/cargo haulers) giving way to more permanent presence, complete with faster transportation (trains/higher warp) and more reliable communication (telegraph/subspace)? Not to mention the cavalry (aka Starfleet) to enforce the laws.

A Fortunate Episode
david g -- 25 Nov 2001, 17:22 GMT

This was a solid and useful episode, solid because it dealt with an interesting character played by a good guest star, and useful because it further explained the relationships between various kinds of Earth explorers, Starfleet and otherwise.

i liked the Seven-Naomi moment.

Archer was--i agree with you, Vickie--the best ive yet seen him. i also agree with Eric and Jules--when on earth will Reed--my favorite character--get his own ep?

i liked this ep, but it wasnt exactly the ripsnorting explosive drama the preview suggested.

Travis was better but only because he got more screen time. in fact, as the episode progressed my "new" liking of him decreased. i really didnt like that scene he had with the misguided freight guy at the end. too emphatic and too strained--

im not at all sold on this character. where the heck will he "go"? i feel that we've learned everything about him already, and that it's all boring, and that im uninterested in learning more. still, i did like the earlier scene he and the misguided freight guy had in the mess hall. i really think they need to develop Travis's relationships w/others. Tom did a world o' good for Harry.

Hey, who exactly IS the chef?

david g

Re: :tv: Enterprise : Fortunate Son Thread
Sherry -- 25 Nov 2001, 23:15 GMT

I liked the way they interwove Maywether's individual history into this story. It was really interesting to see this other kind of space travelling ship and lifestyle.

However, I'm with Eric, David, and everybody else who says MORE REED, PLEASE! Once again, this episode really shows that he's shaping up as a fascinating character.

Maybe the Earth owes the Vulcans more then we know!

There's a good chance that this is true. We've been seeing how Terrans eager to explore space, like Archer and Trip, are chafing against the limitations Vulcan has placed. But I suspect the Vulcans have also protected Earth in a number of ways. The relationship is more complex than either these two, or T'Pol, are really aware.

This was a good episode on the whole. It cast light on another aspect of Earth's life in space that we haven't seen before, adding to Enterprise's individual place in the Trek universe.

Funny how Reed totally shines even in a non-important role in this ep! NIM
david g -- 25 Nov 2001, 23:26 GMT

Omigosh! How could I have forgotten to mention...
Vickie -- 26 Nov 2001, 16:08 GMT

...that Fortunate Son gets a thumbs up for beefcake?

Better lighting would have gotten it 2 thumbs up, but at least the answer to that burning question, "Does Captain Archer sleep in the nude?" has been answered. :D

Still love those blue undies. :-)


Fortunate Son, Andromeda, Harry Potter, Phantom Menace, and the meaning of life.
Terry -- 28 Nov 2001, 03:57 GMT

Okay, I was lying about the meaning of life. :-)

I was surprised about the raves about Fortunate Son. I thought that it was the usual poorly thought-out Trek episode we see so much from Braga's shows.

Mayweather became even more a poor pathetic character to me. First, he has no response to the boomer who accuses him of abandoning his family. Second, he goes to the captain with barely thought-out objections and is persuaded to abandon his views.

He did make it seem like the main reason for his joining Starfleet was for the good chow and the cool toys. Did he offer another reason? Did he talk about wanted to leave the nest and strike out on his own? About wanting to explore more planets and meet more alien races then a boomer would in seven lifetimes? Nope.

And his talk with the captain reminded of an old Andy Hardy film. "Dad, I have a problem" ... "Thanks, Dad, you really set me straight." Ick.

What's this crap about the boomer captain regretting new, faster ships? Most of space travel is monotony and boredom. Instead of kvetching about the transit times getting shorter, he should be excited about getting to trade on twice as many planets and on traveling to planets twice as far from Earth as now.

And I was annoyed that the details of Nausican piracy was never explained. It makes a big difference in judging the boomer second-in-command's actions whether the Nausicans slaughter all humans in the ships they attack or whether they only want the cargo and only hurt those who resist. The first situation makes his actions reasonable and the second makes its dangerous escalation.

And I loved how just three Nausicans chase the boomers around their own ship. Can't writers ever have someone shoot at point-blank range and hit something for a change?

I only periodically watched Andromeda, mostly to see if it had improved as people claimed. (IMHO, it never did.) But I do agree that Wolfe's firing will probably make the show even weaker. BTW, is Majel Roddenberry responsible? She had power on the other recent SF fiasco, Earth: Final Conflict, too.

I've heard so much glowing praise of Harry Potter, I decided to give it a try. Man, what a boring wish-fulfillment kiddie book! I gave up 2/3 the way through the first book.

Kid is unloved by (foster) parents, bullied by brother, poor, unremarkable, friendless, etc. So he turns out to be famous, rich, talented, *special*, sees his mean relations humbled, his parents heroes, becomes the star of the sports team, everyone's friend, yada, yada, yada.

I see where Vickie says the books get better. I hope so. I'll continue reading if someone can assure me that the impression that I got of Snape from the very first sentence describing him was wrong. Is he Valdemort?

Nothing new about The Phantom Menace. I thought it was puerile trash but then I always thought Star Wars nothing more than flashy space opera.

For being so patient, I will spare you my rant on the recent developments in Buffy.

Some things you cant even be critical about, though I would defend....
david g -- 28 Nov 2001, 04:26 GMT

EMPIRE tooth and nail! but having grown up with the Star Wars movies, i cant be critical about the original trilogy...just as i cant really be about Bionic Woman, from the same period, or even about Voyager.

but critical of new Star Wars movies? you betcha.

Terry, i didnt love Fortunate Son but IMO it was solid and surprisingly well acted by a well cast group.

david g

You're right about the acting in FS
Terry -- 28 Nov 2001, 04:57 GMT

but I tend to judge TV more on the basis of scripts than most fans. And I usually am more sensitive to thinking about whether one episode's ideaa make overall sense in the show's established universe. So I tend to be irked by things few others give a fig about.

Buffy, Fortunate Son, Harry Potter, Phantom Menace, but not the meaning of life
Vickie -- 28 Nov 2001, 14:25 GMT

I used to think I knew the meaning of life, but now I'm older and wiser. :-)

Go ahead, Terry, tell us what you think about the current state of affairs on Buffy. I was only an occasional Buffy watcher until recently when I bought a new exercise bike that I'm riding 10 miles on every night between 8 and 9 pm while watching TV. On Tuesday nights I watch Buffy. It's been interesting. In fact, I thought I heard Ruth cheering from the next state last night when we saw Spike in his birthday suit. :-)

I liked Fortunate Son, but I also agree with some of your comments. Mayweather is pretty pathetic and his talk with Archer was lame.

I'm not a big Star Wars fan and I thought Phantom Menace was just OK the first time I saw it. Seeing it again with Tracy and Ruth, however, put a whole new spin on things for me. They saw things that never would have occurred to me...especially with respect to the, um, relationship between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. :-)

As for Harry Potter being a "wish-fulfillment kiddie book," I'm not sure I can argue with that, but I liked it anyway. Actually, I didn't read book one, I listened to the unabridged book on tape during a car trip, so maybe that made it more enjoyable. I do believe that the subsequent books were better, though. And no, Snape is not Voldemort. The books are full of red herrings. Interestingly, the clues to the truth are all there, too, you just don't notice at first.


Vickie is correct.
Ruth -- 28 Nov 2001, 16:26 GMT

I did cheer. And Racy Tracy is a bad, bad, bad influence. :D

She's also right about the Potter tape. I also put down the first book a few years ago. I didn't even make it to Hogwarts. But I've been driving back and forth to Florida a lot lately, and McCullough's John Adams book just wasn't keeping me awake (perhaps if there had just been a tad more homoerotic tension among the manly men of the Second Continental Congress. Or if Sam Adams had turned out to be a werewolf. Whatever.) So I got the unabridged Potter book, and it again took me awhile, but by the time I was on the third tape I was pretty entertained. The reader (Jim Dale, I think) did a wonderful job.

I agree that it is the ultimate kiddie wish fulfillment book, but there's a reason why that theme has remained so popular over the years. It is seductive. I also liked the clever universe Rowling created with the different books and candies and courses.

I was a bit miffed that even at a wizard's school, that the poor history teacher was widely considered to be the most boring teacher they had. He was even dead!

Speaking of which, I need to go put some kids to sleep.