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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten More Ways Kes Can Complicate Her Life
Leonie -- 24 Apr 1997, 17:50 GMT

10.Volunteer to be the ginney pig for other crew members new hair styles.
9.Grow pot in the Airoponics Bay.
8.Get involved with an extra so that he has a speaking part and watch Janeway send him to an unknown plannet in a shuttle craft.
7.Put Neelix and Tuvok on a transporter pad with a symbiogenic flower.
6.Call Janeway "Mom" by mistake.
5.Flirt with Chakotay in front of Janeway.
4.Stop seeing Tuvok as a father figure and start seeing him as a potential mate.
3.Marry the Doctor.
2.Undergo the Elogium, NOW!
1.Tell B'Ellanna and Tom what REALLY happened in the future.