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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs That Chakotay And Janeway Are Having A Relationship
Leonie -- 22 Apr 1997, 12:55 GMT

10.Chakotay picks up tennis.
9.He creates a holonovel just for the two of them including a moonlight sail on Lake George.
8.Janeway has a dartboard in her office with a picture of Seska on it.
7.She begins to take up lessons in Klingon Culture.
6.Chakotay gets jealous of Tuvok's "relationship" with Janeway.
5.She is seen walking down the corridors to Chakotay's quarters in a flimsy nightgown.
4.When she encounters Riley again, she takes out her compression phase rifle and spanks her with it.
3.He builds a bathtub in his quarters, for two.
2.When Paris finds Janeway in Chakotay's quarters at three in the morning, she claims that he was answering some questions she had about mating behavor.
1.Janeway knows where Chakotay's OTHER Tattoo is.

and two more reasons by Leonie!

1.Janeway has been gaining weight and the doctor says it's perfectly normal, for her condition.
2.Janeway switches from coffee to spinach juice.