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Two Days And Two Nights

:tv: ENTERPRISE: "Two Days and Two Nights" Discussion Thread
Terry -- 15 May 2002, 20:25 EST

Risa, where he encounters a troubled alien beauty (Dey Young); Hoshi learns a new language from a local man (Rudolf Martin); a pair of aliens take advantage of Trip and Reed; Dr. Phlox's hibernation is disrupted by Mayweather's injury.

Directed by Michael Dorn

Dee'Ahn: DonnaMarie Recco, Latia: Stephen Wozniak, Cutler: Kellie Waymire.

lucky Linda Park!
tragic fan -- 15 May 2002, 21:17 EST

Hope they don't ruin Rudolf Martin's lovely face with a bumpy forehead (though he managed fine with pointy teeth in Buffy).

And hands up who wants to be an alien taking advantage of Trip and Reed ;-) ME! ME!


An enjoyable get-away
Jason -- 15 May 2002, 21:17 EST

I enjoyed the crew's "Two Days and Two Nights" on Risa. The episode was obviously pretty plot-lite but it never felt like it was straining to keep the hour rolling.

Granted the episode was aided significantly by the fact that Hoshi looked so good, but even without that the episode had more than enough moments to carry it through.

I liked the Malcolm/Trip friendship, nice to see that their experience in "Shuttlepod One" has made some kind of lasting bond between them, even if only superficial. ;P And what the heck? Them tied up together in their underwear? I'm beginning to think Ginny has a direct hotline to Braga's office. :P

Other likes were Archer being used in a nice capacity, and Phlox as usual stole his scenes. T'Pol's subtle sense of humor, particularly in giving Archer the Writings of Surak was also a nice reminder that she's got a very cutting sense of deviousness.

It must have been weird for Kellie Waymire (Cutler) and Joseph Will (Rostov) to share the same scenes together, I can't think of any other instance where guest actors from another Trek series (they were in one of my personal favorites, Voyager's "Muse") got put in the same episode, as different characters on another series. And they both seem to have recurring status. That's cool, 'cause I like them both-- all that's needed is Roxann Dawson to show up to complete the love triangle again. (Although she DID direct "Vox Sola", in which Rostov's character was introduced).

Anyway, I didn't see "Detained" so the whole revealation about Keyla didn't completely make sense to me, not that it really seemed to matter. It seems however they were trying to hint at what might happen next week, though.


Speaking of the love interests...
Jason -- 15 May 2002, 21:18 EST

Was he supposed to be the same race as Axum from "Unimatrix Zero"? They looked remarkably similar.

And was Keyla trying to be a Trill? I kept wondering.


Enjoyable fluff
AC -- 15 May 2002, 21:46 EST

This wasn't a deep, meaningful episode, despite the set-up with the Anti-Suliban people getting to Archer.

Phlox working while sedated was fun. T'Pol: I'm taking you back to your quarters. Phlox: Thank you, Subcommander, but I think we should keep our relationship purely professional. *snort* And it was nice to see Cutler again.

Malcolm and Trip, intergalactic bar geeks. Wow, were those suits really tacky looking! I kept expecting Trip to strike a pose out of Saturday Night Fever. Thank you for the eye candy underwear scene, TPTB.

Moving on: I'm wildly jealous of how gorgeous Linda Park is in this episode. Hoshi was charming, and it was nice to see how she relaxes -- learning the language, talking to people, being herself. Even getting some nookie with a cute alien, and then being characteristically silent about it with her crewmates.

Heh. I wish I could have a vacation on Risa. The scenery shots were gorgeous. And I bet they've bio-engineered the planet so there aren't any humanoid eating animals in the oceans.


He did have a bumpy forehead
Terry -- 15 May 2002, 22:49 EST

but he still looked handsome. Better than as Drac.

Sorry, tf, the only advantage taken of Trip and Reed involved phasers on stun. They did end up dressed only in their blue underoos, of course.

"Hello, Brannon? It's Ginny. Loved the underwear scenes. Now, let's talk decon chamber..."
G'Inny -- 15 May 2002, 22:50 EST

Heh. I must learn to use my powers for good.

I only got to see the second half of this one, because I lost track of time at my framers. Yeah, yeah, I know. What kind of ST geek have I become?

Anyhoo, I got a kick out of Malcolm and Trip cruising chicks together (although we all know they're really in severe denial of their attraction to each other), especially the part about taking turns being captain and "Tell them about the time you saved the ship in your underwear." Bwahahahahahaha.

Speaking of underwear, everyone looks good in that bright blue. Malcolm has nice legs, Travis has him some *mighty* fine arms, and Trip has him some mighty fine all over. :-) Has anyone counted up the number of times Trip has appeared in his underwear? I think we're up to four episodes now...

I really liked Archer's low key, non-sexual interaction with Keyla (sp), and I got the impression that she was supposed to be a Trill, too.

It was great to see Cutler and Rostov again, although I found it frightening to think that the doctor could be so completely out of commission for 48 hours straight. That said, I loved Phlox coming out of hibernation--the expressions, the weird voice, the physical comedy. I swear, I laughed like a crazy person when he took that brilliantly timed pratfall.

BTW wasn't the Rigalian (sp?) blood worm reference a shout out to TOS?

Keyla was played by the actress from that TNG ep
Terry -- 15 May 2002, 22:52 EST

where everyone in a bubble colony had been genetically designed for their role in society. She was the rebellious scientist who wanted out.

Jason, I thought the same thing about the Trill spots. Frankly, I think the Trek makeup guys have run out of ideas. Most of the Enterprise aliens look like many others we've seen before.

It's getting obvious that Billingsley is twice the actor
Terry -- 15 May 2002, 22:57 EST

of any other in the cast. But that's not slighting the others; personally, I think Billingsley is a much better actor than Picardo.

:agree: Hoshi Gets her Groove Back!!!!!! :agree:
Eric -- 16 May 2002, 08:28 EST

Quick take : A dirty little secret - I LOVE Risa stories. I just LOVE them. Getting to see the crew with their hair down (especialy Hoshi! :drooool: ) is so much fun. Long, LONG live Risa! And all you nitpickers who say the NX-01 could not reach the planet can bite me, cuz i LOVE Risa episodes!


(asian) SPOILERS that are clad only in *THUD*













This episode had it all. continuity, character building, Suliban, characters been nasty cute to each other, sexy bikini wearing pixies and Hoshi clad only in a thin sheet and a smile. In other words i have a new favorite episode.

Ok, i was a fan of T'Pol before but now i love her almost as much as Hoshi. Giving Archer of ALL people the teachings of Surak was PRICELESS. I was howling when i saw the title! PERFECT.

And Hoshi...made quite a impresion on me this week...while i have loved her character from day one, i never noticed how big her....eyes were before.

Errr...moving right along...

Trip and Malcolm's day off was the weakr story but i must say the irony of them chasing hotties and then spending the night together in their underware was interesting to say the least.

Archer's story started off the slowest but had the biggest and best payoff! Having the Trill woman being the same race as Detained was very clever. I had forgotten that while WE know the Suliban take orders from Futureguy, ARCHER didn't know that! COOL!

Finaly, seeing Cutler and Phlox together again was a LOT of fun! And it looks like even the Vulcans don't know much about Phlox's race. I LOVED T'Pol's wake up call!

This was such a good episode. For all the right reasons. I LOVE the way this crew has meshed together. This is what Trek does best.

AWESOME episode!

10/10 without Hoshi Bias

10000000000000000000000/10 with Hoshi Bias!


I thought she was Trill also.....
Eric -- 16 May 2002, 08:31 EST

And yeah, while there is no denying that Westmire is a genus he does seem to be running out of ideas.

But as far as Keyla i thought she was a Trill with weak spots. ;)


Wait....there was mire then Hoshi and Cutler this week????
Eric -- 16 May 2002, 08:32 EST

I must have missd those parts!!! :eek:


Wasn't it DS9 or TNG that had a episode.....
Eric -- 16 May 2002, 08:36 EST

....that revealed the planet without the Teraforming is a swamp?

I remember that it had some kind of satalites in orbit that regulate the weather....


He looked like Axum to me--
Ronit -- 16 May 2002, 08:43 EST

just with darker hair.

I don't think she was supposed to be a Trill -- the spots were different. I thought that actor had guest starred on VOY or DS9 --- maybe they're all beginning to look alike.


The Phlox scenes made the ep for me.
Ronit -- 16 May 2002, 08:48 EST

(Though the sight of Ensign I-Really-Work-Out didn't hurt either). I must say I liked the premise -- of course Risa's docs wouldn't know anything about humans.

Which begs the question of where Jonathan's mystery date got her dog from.


I hate to sound like an old grump
Vickie -- 16 May 2002, 09:50 EST

...although my kids might tell you that's exactly what I am...but this episode was a perfect example of something that also used to annoy me about Voyager. It's the old "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all" syndrome.

Archer, Travis, Hoshi, Trip and Malcolm go down to the Pleasure Planet for a little well-deserved R&R. Archer gets drugged by an enemy agent, Travis breaks his leg and has a life-threatening allergic reaction to alien medication, and Trip and Malcolm get mugged by shapeshifters. Now I ask you, was all that misery really necessary? I guess it's just one of my personal pet-peeves, but it does annoy me. Trip and Malcolm at least deserved to get a little alien nookie before they got mugged. :-)

Aside from that, I did enjoy the episode. I was happy that Archer was smart enough to catch on to the lovely lady spy *before* she tied him to the chair and started working him over with the rubber hoses and sticking bamboo shoots under his fingernails.

And yes, I did enjoy the sight of Trip and Malcolm in the blue underoos - again. :-) If this keeps up I may have to give up the Braga-hate.

And I do have to send a note of approval on the way that little details are being carried through the episodes, not just tossed out once or twice and then forgotten. For example, Porthos is still around. And Hoshi is still being an old-fashioned linguist. I like seeing her attempt to master new languages instead of just relying on the computer to do it for her.


Re: I hate to sound like an old grump
Roxanne -- 16 May 2002, 10:09 EST

Thank you Vickie. You said everything that I wanted to only better.

Anyway, as much as I like Malcolm and Trip, I'm getting tired of the underroo scenes.

Predictable, predictable, predictable, though like the rest of you, I found the Phlox scenes quite funny.


I found TD&TN rather plotless.
Terry -- 16 May 2002, 10:50 EST

I mean, what was the point of the show? Just the usual "let's see Archer/Trip/Malcolm get beat up, and hear Hoshi talk weird languages"?

I guess maybe the pseudo-Trill might return next week but this episode was a waste. All light comedy B-stories.

And I'm with you Roxanne, I'm tired of seeing the crew in their blue underwear. It ain't that attractive, folks. This is 2002, not 1952 where the sight of underwear is the supposedly ultimate in sexual titillation.

Speaking of sexual titillation...
Vickie -- 16 May 2002, 11:19 EST

...I meant to mention this in my earlier post, but forgot about it. I hated Hoshi having sex with the alien guy. I thought it was completely out of character.

Hoshi has been portrayed as fearful of being in space and nervous about interacting directly with members of unknown alien species. Sure, she has made great strides toward conquering those fears, but I found it very unrealistic that she would hop into bed with an alien she just met yesterday.

In addition, Hoshi's personality aside, Earthlings are new to space travel and meeting alien species. This isn't TNG where no one seemed to think twice about having sex with anything that stood still long enough. These people should still be reluctant to get up close and personal with aliens. IMHO.

Unless, of course, they're the unrepentant horndogs that Trip and Malcolm are being portrayed as. :-)

And I really do agree with Roxanne and Terry about the overuse of the blue underoos. However, I'm not complaining because I can't help but think it's about time we got some beefcake after all these years of seeing the women in revealing costumes while the men, aside from the often shirtless William Shatner, remained comfortably covered up.


In Trip, Malcolm, and Hoshi's defense...
G'Inny -- 16 May 2002, 11:40 EST

...they are essentially sailors. And we all know the stories about sailors on shore leave. :-)

And as long as Jolene's wearing that catsuit Every Damn Episode, the guys have got a lot of blue underoos wearing before they even come *close* to catching up.

I have to go on the record ...
Malcom -- 16 May 2002, 13:02 EST

defending sailors. Okay, there, I did it. Carry on.

Guess TPTB though the viewers needed a light episode before the finale.
D -- 16 May 2002, 14:15 EST

Not exactly an original concept, some of the crew getting into trouble on shore leave. At least we got the twist of Hoshi, who'd intended to take a working vacation, having fun, while the guys who set out to party ended up having a miserable time. I know the assumption is that the 3cm thick rule book on interspecies relations is a result of Kirk's adventures but I wouldn't be surprised if the first centimeter is written after Enterprise completes its mission ;).

You'd think Trip and Malcolm would have been more careful, particularly Read, who as security chief is by nature wary. And he comes from a Navy family so he should have been familiar with the possible pitfalls of shore leave. I wonder what they think is worse, being robbed and tied up or having to explain why they showed up at the rendezvous point in their underwear.

Obviously someone was bound to need the doctor since they made such a point about him going into hibernation while they were in orbit. I guess it's the best solution to the fact that Denobulins need to hibernate once a year that he tries to do so while the ship in making a port call. They should have a real nurse but at least they've made Cutler the official medic. I would have expected the Risan doctors to have requested general medical information on humans since this was a first contact situation before they'd OK anyone participating in any of the potentially hazardous recreational activities.

I knew the woman with the dog was going to cause Archer problems as soon as she appeared. In fact as soon as I saw the dog alarms went off; it reminded me of the yapping animal in "Ex Post Facto". From the spots I assumed she was some species related to Trills. Then when she started talking about the Suliban I figured she was one in disguise. Never guessed she was a Tandaran. Looks like the Enterprise will continue running into them.

Lots of continuity - Cutler as medic. Phlox needing to hibernate. Hoshi found learning Klingon difficult. Suliban and Tandarans.

As it happens...
Jules -- 16 May 2002, 16:28 EST

... I have been considering adding an Enterprise scoreboard to the Nebula: UnderooWatch. (Or something very much like it.)

Hey, it may be lowbrow but it amuses me. And it's equal opportunity underwear wearing. And the cast do look good in blue. :-D

I just think of it as the natural progression from the t-shirt wearing that began in Voyager season five...

I liked this one also...
Fliteman -- 16 May 2002, 17:25 EST

...but the last 12 minutes were interrupted by the in-laws...

(a few minor spoilers ahead... caution)

Nice moments: I liked the combination Saturday Night Live's Two-Wild-&-Crazy-Guys mixing with Saturday Night Fever and Miami Vice. All it needed was Trip walking around with about 2 days of stubble. And, when they follow the two awesome chicks downstairs... Malcom's & Trip's GASP when they stopped BEING two awesome chicks was priceless.

Porthos and the poodle-from-hell growling at each other...

And, of course, the Doctor... Waking up, calling everybody "Captain..."

I missed the whole revelation going on with the Captain & the girl (that happened with the arrival of the in-laws...)

A good ep; looking forward to the Saturday replay.


Re: :tv: "Two Days and Two Nights"...pretty good, though Alixandra didn't let me pay a whole lot...
Mindy -- 16 May 2002, 18:54 EST

...of attention to it (nothing major, she was just being a chatterbox) my ultimate opinion will depend on Sunday's rerun (if I get to see it.)

However, from what I was able to pay attention to, imho Parks (Hoshi) and Billingsly (Phlox) stole the show.

More later.


That was the DS9 with Worf and Jadzia on vacation.
Terry -- 16 May 2002, 19:07 EST

I seem to remember Worf being a spoilsport on their romantic getaway and the planet's weather going to hell.

Mayweather and Spandex
Mallory -- 16 May 2002, 21:34 EST

I can't believe noone has mentioned this yet. I personally loved Travis in this scene. Montgomery is a hottie - what did you think? Was it tight in all the right places?


Re: I liked this one also...
Marie -- 16 May 2002, 23:19 EST

Not a poodle; a Xoloitzcuintli. A rare breed, from Mexico, I believe. Very expensive.


Hey, now--I mentioned Travis' mighty fine arms. (NIM)
G'Inny -- 17 May 2002, 01:25 EST


Re: Hey, now--I mentioned Travis' mighty fine arms. (NIM)
Mallory -- 17 May 2002, 01:59 EST

You did - and his arms are WILD! That chest though mmm he is so ripped! Why didn't they take HIS clothes off SOONER?

This was Dey Young's third Trek role
Sherry -- 17 May 2002, 12:24 EST

She appeared on TNG in "The Masterpiece Society"--the bubble colony episode--and on DS9 in "A Simple Investigation."

I recognized that name from DS9, where she, ah, initiated Odo into a new activity. ;)


a Xoloitzcuintli...?
Fliteman -- 17 May 2002, 13:36 EST

Yeah, that's what I meant. I just misspelled it a little. If you switch from a ergonomic keyboard to a standard laptop, typing Xolo... Xoloit...Well, it ALWAYS comes out "poodle."



Thanks, Sherry.
Ronit -- 17 May 2002, 14:56 EST

I *knew* she looked familiar.


Re: a Xoloitzcuintli...?
Marie -- 17 May 2002, 18:06 EST

Cute, Flite. You sound like my son, altho daughter would work also.. and, if I am honest, shaved poodle looks like it could be correct.


Coming late to this party...
Nina -- 18 May 2002, 22:07 EST

I just watched the Saturday encore. Not spectacular, but OK. Entertaining, which is all I ask for these days! Not much to say, actually, but goes.

I have to agree with whoever said that Trip loses I.Q. points when he prowls around with Malcolm, although they did look cute in their underoos.

I loved T'Pol telling Archer in a totally no-nonsense (even for a Vulcan) tone: "Captain, you need a vacation." She bit every word of the sentence.

Poor Phlox! :-P

Gotta set the VCR for next week. Don't want to risk missing the finale, and feeling that way is a GOOD sign.

I got to see the full ep on the Saturday rebroadcast, myself.
G'Inny -- 19 May 2002, 01:24 EST

It was still pretty funny, especially Phlox and our two wild and crazy guys, Trip and Malcolm...who, between the two of them, apparently don't have the survival instincts of a baby seal.

BTW did anyone else notice that the switchplate for the door control in Archer's villa was shaped like a horgon?

Didn't notice that, but
Nina -- 19 May 2002, 09:15 EST

absolutely hooted at the way Trip grabbed Malcolm when the "gorgeous broads" morphed! Talk about material for slash writers. Whew.